GSMA Operator Platform Telco Edge Proposal Whitepaper

GSMA Operator Platform Telco Edge Proposal Whitepaper image

The Operator Telco Edge Proposal whitepaper acts as a next step following the release of the Operator Platform Concept whitepaper, which introduced the opportunity that the Enterprise segment offers for operators in the 5G-era and vice versa.

This document is written as a proposal to the broader industry to provide a guide to future specifications for an Operator Platform. The target for this document is all impacted organisations, including platform developers, edge cloud providers, Standards Developing Organisations (SDOs), Open Source Projects, industry fora, and market participants.

This document proposes suitable technical requirements, functional blocks and interface characteristics. Also, it maps these to specifications produced in different Standards Developing Organisations (SDOs) and identifies the gaps where these SDOs would be requested to fill in such specifications. To facilitate the development of interoperable Operator Platform products it also provides a reference of the Open Source communities where source code implementing the Operator Platform functionality and interfaces is available.

The first version of this document describes initial requirements to run cloud services from the edge of an operator’s network; it is not definitive, improvements and recommendations are invited from SDOs, Open Source Projects, industry fora, and market participants from across the cloud services value chain, please send these to [email protected].


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