GSMA Operator Platform Group – East-Westbound Interface APIs

GSMA Operator Platform Group – East-Westbound Interface APIs image

In this new specification document, we define the APIs that an Operator Platform should expose and use on its East/Westbound Interface. This interface is enabling use cases such as:

  • Federation of the functionality exposed between networks which allows an Application Provider to connect to a single platform to gain access to the capabilities of multiple networks
  • The sharing of edge nodes between networks to provide end user services, particularly in areas that are insufficiently covered by resources in an operator’s own edge cloudlets (or in those of a provider with which they have partnered)
  • The delivery of service to end users that are roaming outside of their home network’s footprint

This functionality is not covered by existing APIs from SDOs and industry bodies. Therefore, the specification defines the complete API itself. For ease of use, this API is also provided as an Open API compliant yaml file.

The specification currently bases on the requirements in the first version of the Operator Platform architecture and requirements, i.e. GSMA PRD OPG.02 v1.0, with the intention being to bring alignment with the current version 3.0 of those requirements in the next update.


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