Wednesday October 28, 2020

Telco Edge Cloud: Edge Service Description & Commercial Principles Whitepaper

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The Edge Cloud inherits most principles, mechanisms, and tools from the traditional cloud, but provides customers with additional benefits as the edge brings proximity to the end-user devices, enabling characteristics like lower latency, relevant for time-sensitive applications, and transport efficiency, for data-intensive ones. The Operator Platform Group (OPG) has defined the Edge Cloud functionality in the OPG.01 Operator Platform Telco Edge Proposal and the Telco Edge Cloud (TEC) taskforce works on launching a global telco edge computing service that implements it.

This document contains a service description of the expected functionalities of the Telco Edge Cloud service. It further includes the commercial principles for the relationship between the operators that participate, as well as general guidelines about what needs to be agreed upon with customers and technical providers.


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