Advancing Digitalization and Sustainability for a Smarter and Greener Port

Advancing Digitalization and Sustainability for a Smarter and Greener Port

Start: Thursday 25 April 2024 15:00

End: Thursday 25 April 2024 17:00

Venue: Online (GMT+8)

As the world embraces the transformative potential of digital technologies, the landscape of transportation and logistics is undergoing a significant shift. This webinar will explore how to advance Digitalisation and Sustainability for A Smarter and Greener Port and enhance efficiency, safety, and sustainability.

Key Topics :

  • Port of Future – Smarter and Greener Port
  • Automation and Connectivity: Dive into the intersection of 5G and smart ports. Learn how ultra-broadband networks, intelligent connections, and high availability are shaping the future of port operations. From autonomous truck driving to real-time transmission, 5G enables process automation and remote operation, create synergy between vehicles and roads within port environments
  • Logistics Efficiency: Explore the impact of 5G-Advanced on logistics, Massive IoT, Redcap and Passive IoT, and how it will revolutionize cargo handling, trade information, and distribution.
  • Practical use cases and success stories

Join us for this enlightening session as we unravel the potential of 5G-enabled intelligent ports and their role in advancing international trade, regional development, and economic growth.


Watch Webinar Recording
15:00 - 15:15

Port of Future - Smarter and Greener Port
Terence Wong, Head of APAC 5G Industry Community, GSMA

15:15 - 15:35

Keynote – Real case study on a Smart Port in Thailand
Mr. Pongsatorn Pimol, Head of Telco Network and Business Solution, AIS

15:35 - 15:55

Keynote – Deployment of 5G in Europe's Port
Guo Song, Product Manager, China Mobile International

15:55 - 16:10

Keynote -  The Role of 5G in Enhancing Marine and Coastal Ecosystem Monitoring and Management
Kinson Chan, CEO, eSIX

16:10 - 16:40

Panel with Q&A – Explore the impact of 5G-Advanced on logistics. Massive IoT, Redcap and Passive IoT, will revolutionize goods handling, trade information, and distribution.
Moderator: John Tay, Founder and President, ChangeMaker



  • Johan Affendi, Head of Business Technology, Enterprise Business Division, Celcomdigi
  • Dr PS Tang, Steering Committee Member, GTI
  • David Smith, Head of Ecosystems, Huawei SPO Lab

16:40 - 16:45



Pongsatorn Pimol

Head of Telco Network and Business Solution, Advanced Info Services Plc. (AIS)

Johan Affendi

Head of Business Technology, Enterprise Business Division, Celcomdigi

John Tay

Founder and President, ChangeMaker

John Tay is a seasoned ICT industry professional with over 40 years of experience, holding a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science from Oklahoma State University, USA, and an MBA from Federation University Australia. With a diverse background spanning various industries including Banking, Aerospace, Healthcare, IT and Telecommunications, John’s expertise in advocating and facilitating IoT and digital transformation towards the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) and Smart City initiatives in Malaysia and around the AP region.

As the founder and President of ChangeMaker, John is dedicated to promoting IoT, 4IR, STEM, and startups to foster innovation within Malaysia’s ecosystem. Leveraging his extensive experience and industry insights, he collaborates with government agencies, MNCs, SMEs, and academia to drive Malaysia towards becoming a smart digital nation. John also the pioneer of myMaker and Digital Lifestyle Malaysia initiatives.

John’s involvement as a consultant, government committees, adjunct lecturer, and industry advisory panel, along with his role as a mentor for various universities and initiatives and collaboration with iMakerBase in Shenzhen, China, showcases his commitment to nurturing talent and fostering innovation. Additionally, during his tenure at the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) and work with multinational corporations further solidify his expertise in IT,  telecommunications and digital transformation.

Through his thought leadership, advocacy, and mentorship, hackathon, John continues to play a pivotal role in driving IoT, digital transformation, STEM education, and 5G adoption in Malaysia and the broader Asia region.

Guo Song

Product Manager, Enterprise Business, China Mobile International Limited

Guo Song is the Product Manager specializing in enterprise business at China Mobile International Limited. With a strong engineering background and over 15 years of experience in the telecom industry, he is passionate about driving 5G innovation and creating inclusive solutions. His focus is on enabling 5G solutions and project delivery agility and growth for large overseas enterprises, while also facilitating efficient utilization of 5G technology to create value for end customers across the global landscape.

Kinson Chan

CEO, ESIX Limited

Kinson Chan is the CEO of ESIX Limited, a company focused on 5G industrial edge technology since 2019. Their technology provides seamless mobile connectivity management, allowing for high speed vehicles, machines, robots, long range 5G maritime and more to be supervised with a 5G connection without interruption.

Terence Wong

Market Development Director, Head of APAC 5G Industry & IoT Community, APAC, GSMA

Terence serves as the Market Development Director at APAC Technology team in GSMA. The key focus is on 5G, IoT, eSIM. He establishes the APAC IoT partnership programme and the APAC 5G Industry Community that accelerates the 5G and IoT ecosystem development and innovation in the APAC region. The IoT partnership programme accumulates 60+ MNOs, 500+ innovators and ecosystem members in 20+ APAC countries, jointly drive the digital transformation in various sector including manufacturing, transportation, logistics & port, healthcare, smarty city, agriculture and environment protection etc.

Worked for IT/Telco industry for over twenty years, Terence has strong and broad experiences in telecom industries on infrastructure, product development and management, consultancy, sales and marketing. He has worked for multinational companies such as Fujitsu, Nokia, and served as the architect, consultant, product lead and pre-sales head of BSS/OSS in the Asia region.

Terence has Bachelor of Engineering (Electronic Engineering) in Hong Kong University of Science and Technology and Master of Business Administration (Information Technology Management) in Hong Kong Polytechnics University, previously certified as Project Management Professional (Project Management Institute).

Dr PS Tang

Steering Committee Member, GTI

Dr PS Tang had being serving as a Steering Committee member of GTI since 2012.

Dr PS Tang have contributed in the harmonising of the WiMAX 2.X standard to TD-LTE when he was the Founding Director of Packet One Network Malaysia.

Dr PS Tang have being promoting dedicated Private LTE after he became the Managing Director of  Arete M Pte Ltd to provide Mission Critical Communication with low and consistent latency for mobile robotic control and with toal isolation form the internet and public network.

Lately, Dr PS Tang have taken up the leadership role in pushing GTI to provide advisory services to assist operator members and vendors in using their successful reference deployments to promote to other countries to increase 5G monetisation.

David Smith

Head of Ecosystems, Huawei SPO Lab

Huawei SPO Lab’s mission is to research how Telco’s will do business in 5+ years’ time looking at innovations in business models, processes and ecosystems.

David role Huawei SPO Lab’s is to lead in building industry ecosystem partnerships for digital innovation “go-to-market” solutions

David’s Bio

  • 30+ years in corporate innovation, international expansion, M&A, investment banking, and venture capital.
  • 11 years in Silicon Valley from 2006 to 2017 and now back in Dublin, Ireland
  • Has advised over 400 companies on expansion and innovation strategy, supported €200 m in sales, €125 m in funds raised and $400 m in M&A deals
  • Head of Ecosystem Research Huawei SPO Lab – Digital Transformation and New Digital Services
  • FirstCapital (Investment Bank), Managing Director, set up Silicon Valley and Dublin offices and led Corporate Development
  • US Market Access Centre (Global Incubator in Silicon Valley), Corporate Development Lead, founder of TechMatch program
  • Enterprise Ireland (Dept. of State & VC), SVP Telecoms, Silicon Valley Office
  • Previously international marketing and communications for global public and private companies
  • More details at