GSMA Virtual Roundtable: APAC MNOs’ response to COVID-19

Wednesday 15 Apr 2020 |

GSMA Virtual Roundtable:  APAC MNOs’ response to COVID-19 image

Government actions in response to COVID-19 together with mobile operators’ concessions to customers are radically changing traffic and user profiles, creating new and perhaps unpredictable impact on network performance and customer experience. Video conferencing traffic is increasing exponentially alongside streaming and enterprise services while the scale, extent and duration of community intrusion measures continue to evolve to an unknown conclusion. The sum of the total impact is exposing new paradigms for network and customer experience management.

On the 14th of April, GSMA APAC hosted an online video conference roundtable focusing on APAC MNOs’ response to COVID-19. The meeting convened leading mobile operator CXOs in APAC along with industry network analytics companies to reveal insights on how to respond to the challenges of providing a resilient network and maintaining the customer experience.

Presentations were received from Kuan Moon Yuen, CEO of Singtel, Aamir Ibrahim, CEO of Jazz Pakistan, Jeanette Whyte of GSMA APAC Public Policy team, Yoon Chang of the GSMA’s Strategy Team, Ian Fogg from Open Signal and Gyorgy Lajtai from Lynx Analytics. The interactive Q&A session that followed demonstrated the importance of this subject and the interest around it.

The knowledge sharing was clearly welcomed by participants. Despite this being an online meeting, attendance was high and there was active participation from the attendees.