GSMA Diversity4Tech Call for Write-Ups: Empower Women in Tech, Foster Online Digital Trust

8 March 2024, Hong Kong: Do you have a passion for shaping a digital world that empowers and protects women and girls online? We want to hear from you!

Following the resounding success of our “Call-for-Writeup” initiative on International Women’s Day 2023, where we witnessed an incredible response from women tech leaders across the mobile and digital ecosystem, the GSMA Diversity4Tech APAC community is thrilled to announce our latest endeavour in celebration of International Women’s Day 2024.

Under the theme “Inspire Inclusion,” we invite women tech leaders worldwide to contribute articles focusing on “Fostering Online Digital Trust for Women and Girls.” This theme delves into crucial topics such as:

  • Implementing appropriate policies and legislations, including data privacy laws and cybersecurity safeguards, to protect personal data and prevent its misuse.
  • Leveraging emerging technologies like AI to mitigate existing online threats and counter new ones.
  • Promoting digital skills and training to enhance online safety for women, empowering them to navigate risks and become confident digital citizens.
  • Creating awareness around online threats and solutions through collaborative efforts within and across industries.

Digital trust is paramount in today’s digital landscape, ensuring users’ confidence and safeguarding their interests as they engage online. While digital platforms offer immense opportunities, they also present challenges, with women often facing victimization and bullying, exacerbated by emerging technologies like AI-driven deepfakes.

As we strive for a more inclusive digital future, it’s imperative to address these challenges and empower women in the tech industry. Your insights and experiences can pave the way for a safer and more supportive online environment for all.

Join us in amplifying the voices of women in tech and shaping a digital world built on trust and inclusivity. Submit your articles to Natasha Nayak (Senior Policy Manager, GSMA) at [email protected]  and be part of the conversation on this International Women’s Day!

Submissions will be accepted on a rolling basis, with selected entries published on the GSMA blog. Additionally, the top three blog posts will be honoured at the Women Digital Leadership Awards alongside the prestigious GSMA M360 APAC event (1-2 October 2024, South Korea).

Together, let’s inspire inclusion and foster online digital trust for women and girls worldwide!


About GSMA Diversity4Tech APAC Community :

The GSMA Diversity4Tech APAC Community provides a forum for women working in the tech industry to discuss issues and provide real-life solutions to address the gender and overall diversity gap in the industry and maximize value and leadership skills for working-level women and their careers.



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