AWS Band is Capacity of Choice for 4G in Urban Areas

The band known as AWS falls in the 1700 and 2100MHz frequency. A study commissioned in 2014 by GSMA to Convergencia Research “Situación de AWS en las Américas” explains how the higher data transmission capability available in this band can benefit all users by helping meet the data consumption and quality improvement demands.

One of the most remarkable features of AWS is the possibility of having two technological ecosystems in the same band, HSPA and LTE. Both technologies can be used in most countries in the Americas, fostering economies of scale and resulting in even greater economic benefits for the region. According to the report, those countries that have not yet licensed AWS to mobile technology could gain an additional economic benefit of US$53 billion.

Countries that have already assigned the AWS Band for mobile services are Mexico, Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Honduras, Colombia, Ecuador, Venezuela, Peru, Paraguay, Bolivia, Uruguay, Chile and Argentina.