Mobile Broadband in the Americas: Momentum Building in the AWS Band

June 21, 2012

Author: Global View Partners.

Due to dramatically increasing global demand, a number of new spectrum bands are being licensed to add capacity and/or foster new services and competition in mobile markets. In the Americas, the Advanced Wireless Services (AWS) band (90 MHz of spectrum in the 1.7-2.1 GHz range) has already added significant capacity and coverage to the US and Canadian markets, with many Latin American countries also expected to license this spectrum soon. However, some operators and regulators are concerned that devices to enable the full utilization of this new band may come to market too slowly. This concern may affect operator business plans as well as regulator willingness to license the AWS band in new markets. The primary objective of this paper is to assess and present factually the commercial viability and service launches of the GSM family of technologies (GSM, HSPA, LTE) in the AWS band in all relevant markets in the world, with a special emphasis on the Americas.

Download “Mobile Broadband in the Americas: Momentum Building in the AWS Band” – English (PDF)

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