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Fulfilling the socio-economic potential of agriculture through mobile

Our mission is to advance the productivity and profitability of smallholder farmers and the agricultural industry at large through scalable and commercial mobile services.

Agriculture employs 1.34 billion people globally. Smallholder farmers produce and sell nearly 70 per cent of the food consumed worldwide but remain financially excluded and increasingly vulnerable to changing climate patterns affecting their yields.

Mobile is uniquely positioned to bridge the information and financial gap in rural areas at scale. Mobile operators can deliver the critical information farmers need to make better informed decisions that boost their productivity and profit. Through the digitisation of agricultural payments, mobile enables currently mostly unbanked smallholder farmers to access formal financial services.

The GSMA mAgri Programme forges partnerships between mobile operators, technology providers and agricultural organisations. By providing deep technical expertise to service providers, we support scalable commercial mobile services that impact smallholder farmers and the agricultural industry at large.

All our work is done with a social impact objective. Data from GSMA-supported projects demonstrates that active users of mobile agriculture information services report significantly more on-farm changes than comparable non-users (e.g. planting, land management, harvesting). For example, active repeat users in Pakistan are 1.9 times more likely to report an increase in income than non-users, and active repeat users in Malawi are 3.6 times more likely to report an increase in production than non-users.

Everything we learn is made available to investors, donors, mobile operators, AgTech providers, content developers and others on an unrestricted and royalty-free basis. All the lessons learned from implementation are available for public use – check out our recent resources.

Knowledge sharing

Knowledge sharing

We host a variety of knowledge sharing events (conferences, webinars, etc). To find out more about our convening opportunities, or about our programme, please email mAgri@gsma.com.


This project was funded with UK aid from the British people