A person holding a smartphone takes a photo of plants in a lush green environment for ClimateTech purposes.


Unlocking the power of digital technology to create a low-carbon and climate resilient future.

Impacting LMICs

Uniquely placed, we work within the mobile ecosystem and the development sector, advancing the use of mobile technology, connected devices and other digital tools so they can make a positive difference to the planet and millions of lives. The ClimateTech programme is furthering these efforts by encouraging even greater integration between digital technology and climate mitigation, adaptation and resilience strategies in LMICs. Through our research activities, we identify, promote and inform opportunities for digital innovation. Developing pathways for aligning climate action with the sustainable development agenda. We also catalyse vital partnerships between the GSMA, mobile industry, tech innovators, governments and the development sector, aiming to reduce fragmentation, facilitate scale and promote collective action. Thanks to the support of its donors, GSMA Mobile for Development has used technology to deliver both socio-economic and climate impact for over a decade.

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Closing the gap on plastic waste

Digital technologies such as mobile apps, mobile payments, artificial intelligence (AI) and connected devices, play a critical role in improving recycling, and driving operational efficiencies and transparency in the plastics supply chain.

Natural Resource Management (NRM)

NRM is a frontier ripe for digital disruption. Evidence shows digital solutions can boost data quality, engage communities, and aid real-time decisions in NRM efforts.

Digitally-enabled climate finance

Explore the the role of mobile and digital technology in accelerating climate investment and financing in low- and middle-income countries.

ClimateTech telecommunication tower with solar panels in a desert environment.

Renewable energy for mobile towers

GSMA insights, research, and stakeholder collaborations aim to address key barriers in transitioning to renewable energy.

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Aerial view of a winding river cutting through a lush green forest, highlighting the importance of ClimateTech in preserving such natural landscapes.

The Climate Hub

GSMA Mobile for Development works within the mobile ecosystem and the development sector, advancing the use of mobile technology, connected devices and other digital tools to contribute towards collective climate action.

The Climate Fund

The GSMA Innovation Fund for Climate Resilience and Adaptation was launched with the support of our donors, to help accelerate the testing, adoption and scalability of digital innovations that enable the world’s most vulnerable populations to adapt, anticipate and absorb the negative impacts of climate change, or strengthen biodiversity.

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The ClimateTech programme is currently funded by UK International Development from the UK Government and the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (Sida), and is supported by the GSMA and its members.