Closing the gap on plastic waste 

Partnering for zero plastics

Mobile-enabled solutions can raise public awareness of why and how to recycle plastic waste, drive positive behavioural change, help citizens to identify waste “hotspots” and increase plastics organisations’ access to raw materials. Meanwhile, frontier technologies, such as AI and the Internet of Things (IoT) can improve collection and recycling activities, for instance, through bin monitoring and weighing or by automating plastic segregation.

The GSMA ClimateTech programme, through partnerships with stakeholders in the plastics value chain such as mobile network operators (MNOs), plastics organisations (PSEs), tech organisations and government actors, aims to achieve the following:

Global use cases

GSMA research has identified organisations in Asia and Africa that are using mobile and digital tech to find solutions to the global plastics issue which ultimately impacts climate change:

PhilippinesKenyaIndiaCôte d’Ivoire
ReconX is a clean tech company that converts plastic waste into usable fuel.T3 offers a solution to connect households, businesses and institutions with waste collectors that brings waste to centers to be recycled into raw materials and used to create new products.TrashCon is a PSE based in Bangalore,  has developed a proprietary waste sorting and recycling tech solution.Coliba is a collaboration between an MNO and PSE to tackle the nation’s growing waste management
Find out more about these use cases in the ClimateTech reports listed below.

MNOs – Catalysts for plastic waste reduction

The value proposition for a MNO in partnering for addressing the global plastic problem can be many fold:

The synergies between plastics organisations and MNOs:

The role of MNOs in tackling plastic waste

Partnerships between mobile network operators and plastics organisations can unlock great opportunities for both the MNO and the plastics value chain. Understand how MNOs can contribute to resolving the plastic waste problem in LMICs.

Worker sorting plastic bottles for recycling at a ClimateTech waste facility.

How can MNOs and PSEs partner for success?

In this webinar replay, hear from our panel of speakers including Unilever, Clean City Africa, ReCircle discuss the issue of plastic waste and value of partnerships between plastic social enterprises and mobile operators in creating impactful solutions.

PSEs are changing the game on plastic waste

Explore the specific benefits that plastics organisations in LMICs currently reap, or could eventually reap, from using digital tools or services or partnering with technology organisations.

Digital Dividends in Plastic Recycling

Two individuals standing confidently in a plastic recycling facility.

Start-up spotlight: ReCircle

ReCircle uses ‘Plastics Credits’ to aggregate the informal waste collection and recycling sector in India using a digital platform. Find out how Recircle is Digitising the waste supply chain in India.

Partner with the GSMA ClimateTech

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