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ReCircle’s digital platform aggregates the collection and processing of dry waste, which can be sold as plastic credits to businesses.


Low-value, non-recyclable plastics, such as food packets and wrappers, are usually dumped in landfills as there is no value attached to collecting it. Since companies producing plastic waste do not have a proper channel to recover their waste to meet their sustainability commitments and comply with local guidelines, waste is discharged into the environment.


ReCircle transforms waste into a valuable resource. They have built a traceable reverse supply chain for waste, especially plastics. They partner with local waste collectors who help to collect, sort and pre-process the recovered materials, after which the material is channelled to authorised recyclers/processors. The GSMA supported ReCircle in March 2022 to digitise their dry waste supply chain from collection to processing to enable transparency and drive operational efficiencies in waste management. The ReCircle platform brings together individual, household-level waste collectors, large-scale waste aggregators, recyclers and processors.


Since partnering with the GSMA, ReCircle has:
– Issued more than 77 million plastic credits (one plastic credit is equivalent to 1 kg of recovered plastic).
– Processed 77,885 tonnes of waste and diverted them from landfills.
– Raised a pre-Series A round from Flipkart Ventures, 3i Partners and Acumen Fund to expand their technology, service capabilities and partner networks into new waste supply chains.

A message from the founder

“The digitalisation of our supply chain will offer us new insights on our customer demographics and our operations. We will have access to data on the number of collectors in a location, waste generation of a city, distance between collectors and processors, quality and quantity of waste collected, and the number of registered recyclers in a state. We shall use this information to make strategic decisions on how to grow the business further, be it new verticals that should be introduced, or to scale.”
– Rahul Nainani, Co-founder and CEO

Founder and Co-founder

Rahul Nainani – Founder

A man with glasses wearing a light blue shirt and a red GSMA lanyard stands outdoors with a modern building in the background.

Gurashish Sahni – Co-founder

Team | 11 - 50 Employees


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