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Accelerating the delivery and impact of safe, efficient, and dignified digital humanitarian assistance. 

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A rescue worker in protective gear takes a break amidst rubble and debris.

Humanitarian Connectivity Charter

The HCC is a set of shared principles for the mobile industry on how to prepare for, respond to, and recover from a sudden onset emergency.

The M4H Innovation Fund

How we invest in innovative digital solutions for crisis response, and help build resilience against humanitarian challenges.

Two hands holding mobile devices against a red background.

The Connectivity, Needs and Usage Assessment Toolkit

Person holding a smartphone with a screen visible, against a backdrop of a wooden workbench with tools.

The Digital Worlds of Displacement-Affected Communities

Mobile phones allow refugee communities to create their own digital worlds. This research explores these worlds in three humanitarian contexts.

Street scene with people walking by stalls and various goods displayed for sale, including baskets and clothing.

The M4H Podcast

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