3rd ATU Preparatory Meeting for WRC-19 (APM19-3)

The GSMA was in attendance at the 3rd African Telecommunications Union (ATU) Preparatory Meeting (APM-3) for World Radiocommunication Conferences 2019 (WRC-19), in Cairo, Egypt, from 17-21 September 2018. The objectives of the APM19-3 meeting were:

* Noting of ITU-R progress and work plans towards preparations for WRC-19
* Noting of sub-regions’ work plans for WRC-19
* Noting of other ITU regions’ views on key agenda items and work plans for WRC-19
* Consideration of the reports of the 2nd ATU WRC-19 Preparatory Working Groups meetings (WG19-2)
* Consideration of input contributions and noting of information documents, as appropriate
* Development of African views/positions on WRC-19 agenda issues.

Participation in the meeting, attended by 200 delegates from more than 40 ATU member states, regional organisations and industry representatives, offered the GSMA the opportunity to drive progress towards the identification of new spectrum bands to support 5G and mobile technology with a preliminary position adopted by the ATU to seek identification of the 26GHz, 37-43.5GHz, 50.2- 52.6GHz and 66- 71 GHz bands at WRC-19.

Kamal Tamawa, Policy Manager – Spectrum, Government and Regulatory Affairs in Sub-Saharan Africa and Ross Bateson, Special Advisor, Spectrum, Government and Regulatory Affairs were in attendance for the GSMA.