Sub Saharan Africa Resources


The E-levy in Ghana: Economic Impact Assessment


Monday 13 Mar 2023 |

The development of the mobile money market has been the catalyst of huge improvements in financial inclusion in Ghana, with the proportion of unbanked population falling from almost 60% in 2014 to 32% in 2021. The GSMA has produced ...

M4H Innovation Fund lessons and outcomes: Danish Refugee Council’s Water ATMs in Uganda


Friday 11 Nov 2022 |

The GSMA Mobile for Humanitarian Innovation Fund aims to promote innovation in using mobile technology to address humanitarian challenges. The second round of the Fund focused on providing support to test new technical solutions; ...

Assessing the impact of telecoms traffic monitoring systems in Sub-Saharan Africa


Thursday 27 Oct 2022 |

Telecoms infrastructure is fundamental to the economy and widely recognised as the backbone of the digital transformation of society. Telecoms networks enable the provision of vital services that improve lives by supporting the ...

Realising the potential of 5G in Africa


Tuesday 25 Oct 2022 |

5G in Africa is a matter of when, not if. The decision on when to launch 5G is often based on a number of factors in the local market that reflect the readiness of operators to roll out 5G networks and readiness of customers (consumers ...

Driving the Digital Inclusion of Persons with Disabilities: Policy considerations for low- and middle-income countries


Thursday 5 May 2022 |

Access to mobile technology can be life changing for persons with disabilities. Mobile phones, particularly smartphones, can cluster multiple assistive technologies into one device, enabling more autonomous living. More than a billion ...

Making internet-enabled phones more affordable in low- and middle-income countries


Wednesday 6 Apr 2022 |

Around the word, 3.4 billion people are not using mobile internet despite living in areas with mobile broadband coverage. The affordability of internet-enabled handsets is a key barrier to ...

The Value of Pay-as-you-go Solar for Mobile Operators: Insights from customer journeys in Benin and Cote d’Ivoire


Friday 18 Mar 2022 |

Pay-as-you-go (PAYG) technologies, combined with mobile payments have enabled a new wave of consumer asset financing for low-income customers. PAYG solar energy has emerged as one of the strongest use cases for this technology and the ...

Mobile Internet, Well-being and Gender: Understanding the Links


Tuesday 8 Mar 2022 |

Findings from Bangladesh and Ghana With over half the world’s population now using mobile internet, stakeholders have a growing interest in understanding the extent to which it affects the well-being of men and ...

Mobile money and consumer financial health


Tuesday 25 Jan 2022 |

In 2020, despite a severe global economic downturn more than $2 billion was transacted every day through mobile money. With more people than ever using these services, mobile money providers (MMP) have highlighted that enabling robust ...

The Mobile Disability Gap Report 2021


Monday 3 Jan 2022 |

Mobile devices and services offer life-changing benefits to persons with disabilities, enabling more independent living. However, GSMA research shows that despite this potential, many persons with disabilities remain unconnected and ...

The Climate Crisis: Mobile-enabled solutions in humanitarian emergencies


Thursday 11 Nov 2021 |

Digital and mobile-enabled services have a key role to play in addressing the climate crisis. Not only can they help vulnerable communities prepare for and become more resilient to climate risks, but they can also support humanitarian ...

Mobile Money Policy and Regulatory Handbook


Thursday 21 Oct 2021 |

Establishing an enabling regulatory framework can unlock the full potential of mobile money services helping to drive financial inclusion, reduce economic inequalities and improve employment and economic growth. Close public-private ...

Navigating the Tech Ecosystem in Cameroon


Monday 26 Jul 2021 |

Cameroon’s economy was the hardest hit by COVID-19 in Central Africa. Information and communication technology (ICT) has been identified as a key driver of jobs and economic growth and a pathway for Cameroon to recover from the effects ...

Mobile Technology for Participatory Forest Management: Co-designing and testing prototypes in Kenya


Tuesday 6 Jul 2021 |

In this report we explore how mobile devices and applications can be leveraged to strengthen participatory forest management (PFM) efforts in Kenya. Although Kenya presents its own highly-contextualised challenges and opportunities, ...

Safaricom’s Maisha Ni Digital Campaign


Tuesday 20 Apr 2021 |

A holistic approach to address the barriers preventing Kenyan women from using mobile internet In Kenya, affordability of mobile-internet enabled handsets, lack of knowledge and digital skills and relevance of ...

Tanzania: Driving social and economic value through mobile-sector tax reform 2021


Tuesday 6 Apr 2021 |

Globally, more than 5 billion people are using mobile technology to access life-enhancing services such as financial services, e-government platforms and digital health services. Mobile is an important driver of economic growth across ...

Humanitarian cash and voucher assistance programmes in Ethiopia


Tuesday 9 Mar 2021 |

This report, in partnership with the Collaborative Cash Delivery (CCD) Network, explores the context and capability of the mobile money ecosystem in Ethiopia. With a focus on humanitarian cash and voucher assistance (CVA) programming, ...

Mobile for Humanitarian Innovation: Annual Report


Thursday 18 Feb 2021 |

This report documents the progress of the M4H programme and partners in 2020, highlighting the key trends impacting the humanitarian sector in this unprecedented year, and summarising the activities and outcomes of research, the M4H ...

Are the effects of mobile money regulation gender neutral?


Monday 15 Feb 2021 |

This policy note discusses the main findings of new GSMA research on the relationship between mobile money regulation and usage. The analysis combines data from the Mobile Money Regulatory Index and the Global Findex Database 2017 and ...

Health Systems, Digital Health and COVID-19: Insights from Bangladesh, Myanmar, Pakistan, Benin, Nigeria and Rwanda


Tuesday 26 Jan 2021 |

This research unpacks the health systems and digital health solutions in six developing countries: Bangladesh, Myanmar, Pakistan, Benin, Nigeria and Rwanda. This report expands on another GSMA report published in June 2020,