Connected Society: An Overview for Policymakers

Thursday 27 Feb 2020 |

Connected Society: An Overview for Policymakers image

The internet is connecting people to new opportunities and life enhancing services, driving economic growth and advancing progress towards the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. For most of the world’s population, mobile is the primary way to access the internet.

Policymakers have a key role to play in accelerating digital inclusion. In this Connected Society overview, read our top recommendations for how policymakers can close the coverage gap and how they can address the top 5 barriers to mobile internet usage.

The Connected Society programme works with the mobile industry, tech companies, the development community and governments to increase access to and adoption of the mobile internet, focusing on underserved population groups in developing markets. In this document you’ll also find the links to access our many tools and insights for policymakers and the wider industry.