The Mobile Economy Europe 2022


The Mobile Economy Europe


unique mobile subscribers by 2025


in economic value added to Europe’s economy in 2021 (4.5% of GDP)


5G connections by 2025, a 44% adoption rate

Mobile networks are vital to economic recovery and realizing green and digital transformation across Europe. Two years into the EU’s Digital Decade, the connectivity target of ‘Gigabit for everyone, 5G everywhere’ has never felt more urgent.

In 2021, 474 million people in Europe (86% of the population) were subscribed to mobile services, and this is expected to grow to 480 million by 2025.

The majority of countries in Europe have now deployed commercial 5G services, and nearly two thirds of operators in the region have launched 5G networks. By 2025, there will be 311 million 5G connections across Europe, a 44% adoption rate. However European markets still lag behind global peers such as Japan, South Korea and the US in the adoption of the technology.

As economies and societies around the world digitalise, the acceleration of 5G in Europe is necessary to ensure that traditional industrial and manufacturing strengths are not dragged down by weaknesses in the ICT sector. To achieve this, it is vital to create the right conditions for private infrastructure investment, network modernization and digital innovation. A financially sustainable mobile sector is key to the delivery of innovative services and the deployment of new networks.