Mobile Economy Report Latin America 2024


unique mobile subscribers, a 72% penetration rate in Latin America


of mobile connections will be 5G by 2030


contributed to GDP in 2023, this will grow to $600bn by 2030

In 2023, mobile technologies and services generated 8% of GDP in Latin America – a contribution that amounted to $520 billion of economic value added. 418 million people in Latin America (65% of the population) used mobile internet – an increase of 75 million over the last five years. While the pace of change has been fast in recent years, progress going forward will be more complex, with the region set to experience a significant increase in 5G adoption. By April this year, 29 operators across 10 countries had launched commercial 5G services, equating to 5% of connections, expected to rise to 55% by the end of the decade, with 5G overtaking 4G as the dominant technology.
The Mobile Economy Report examines these key trends in the region, along with GSMA Open Gateway, AI opportunities, telco partnerships with satellite providers and more.

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