The Mobile Economy Latin America 2022


unique mobile subscribers across Latin America in 2021, a 69% penetration rate


contributed to GDP by the mobile industry. This is expected to grow to $365bn by 2025


jobs supported directly and indirectly by the mobile industry across the region

As Latin America emerges from the pandemic, a key priority for governments across the region is to drive economic recovery and promote sustainable development. Digital services and technologies are crucial to realising this objective, by stimulating economic growth, mobilising the workforce and enabling industrial efficiencies.
Take-up of 4G has more than doubled across Latin America in the past 5 years, with more than 410 million connections at the end of 2021. This is projected to peak in 2024, as consumers increasingly migrate to 5G plans.
By the end of June 2022, seven countries in the region had launched commercial 5G services. The current adoption rate is around 1% of total connections but this is expected to grow to 11% by 2025.
Unlocking the potential of mobile connectivity requires policy measures to support network investments and improve the affordability of digital services for consumers. Fully realising the mobile opportunity will require forward-looking policymaking, particularly with respect to spectrum.

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