The Mobile Economy North America 2022


The Mobile Economy North America


people subscribed to mobile services


5G connections by 2025


of economic value added to GDP by mobile tech and services in 2021

The 4G era sparked significant productivity gains through the 2010s, helping people around the world to manage their lives more efficiently at home and at work. Today these benefits are at the core of the North American economy. As the region emerges from the uncertain environment of the pandemic, mobile will continue to play a role in connecting to a brighter future.

As 5G takes off around the world, the US and Canada are among the global leaders in terms of 5G adoption. By 2025, 5G will account for almost two thirds of total mobile connections across North America, which is equivalent to nearly 280 million connections.

Mobile also continues to contribute to the economy with mobile technologies and services generating 4.2% of GDP in North America in 2021, and supporting more than 2.2 million jobs (directly and indirectly). As 5G continues to grow, 5G technologies will further driver contributions to the regions’ economy, impacting key industries such as manufacturing and public administration.