5G Global Launches & Statistics

5G Global Launches & Statistics

5G will account for as many as 1.2 billion connections by 2025


The Global Rollout of 5G

By 2025, 5G networks are likely to cover one-third of the world’s population. The impact on the mobile industry and its customers will be profound.

5G is more than a new generation of technologies; it denotes a new era in which connectivity will become increasingly fluid and flexible.
5G Networks will adapt to applications and performance will be tailored precisely to the needs of the user.

Working closely with the mobile operators pioneering 5G, the GSMA is engaging with governments, vertical industries including automotive, financial services, healthcare providers, transport operators, utilities and other industry sectors to develop business cases for 5G.

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5G Overview Videos

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Hongbeom Jeon Chief Technology Officer and Senior Executive Vice President KT APAC 5G Leaders' CXO Summit, Seoul, Korea

5G Video Series: 5G Overview (LGU+)


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Sangmin Lee Chief Technology Officer, Head of 5G Services and Senior Vice President LGU+ APAC 5G Leaders' CXO Summit, Seoul, Korea

5G Video Series: 5G Overview (NTT DOCOMO)


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Seizo Onoe Chief Technology Architect and President of DOCOMO Technology, Inc NTT DOCOMO APAC 5G Leaders' CXO Summit, Seoul, Korea

5G Video Series: 5G Overview (SK Telecom)


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5G Consumer Use Cases





Uses 5G to provide advanced features such as 3D viewing and different perspective views of live match.






Uses 5G to enjoy VR contents anywhere anytime.







Uses 5G to provide realistic AR services such as the virtual zoo.



Live Performances




Uses 5G to enable extremely high quality performance / music videos.



Game Streaming




Uses 5G to process games on the cloud and stream to / receive input from users.







Uses 5G to enable many people to sing-a-long simultaneously online.



5G News

New 5G Labs Facilitating Operator Innovation Globally

post image

Operators have recently announced some significant new investments to foster the development of 5G use cases to benefit enterprises and drive economic development. Orange has announced the expansion of its 5G Labs initiative in Europe, with a plan to build six new labs in ...

Major European operators sign Open RAN MoU

post image

Deutsche Telekom, Orange, Telefónica and Vodafone Group have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to implement Open RAN across Europe. The move aims to promote the timely deployment of Open RAN technologies and ensure that a strong ecosystem of companies emerges in ...

The GSMA Telco Edge Cloud Trials Workshop Launches, with 13 Mobile Operators & over 20 companies promising exciting Use Cases for the Telco Edge

post image

There are many potential advantages if enterprise and consumer solution providers push aspects of their services to edge clouds closer to their customer endpoints. This move can lead to improved latency, resiliency, security, privacy, data thinning, transport efficiency as ...

Telstra and Ericsson collaborate on edge cloud for enterprises

post image

Australian operator, Telstra and Ericsson will collaborate to develop an edge cloud solution for enterprise use cases. It will be delivered within months and strengthen Telstra’s ability to serve enterprise customer needs in the 5G era, with network services offered either ...

APAC leaders discuss 5G as South Korea reports numbers boost

post image

Last week, representatives from APAC’s mobile ecosystem convened at the GSMA’s second APAC 5G Leaders’ CxO Summit. The event, supported by Japan’s Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, saw focused discussions on policy, industry and commercial opportunities and ...

France completes delayed mid-band 5G auction

post image

After 17 rounds of competitive bidding spread across just three days, France has completed its long-awaited auction of 3.4–3.8 GHz spectrum. Each mobile operator committed to acquiring 50 MHz prior to the start of the process, with a further 11 spectrum lots put up for sale. ...

Telefónica and Rakuten partner to accelerate Open RAN

post image

Telefónica and Rakuten have announced a partnership to accelerate the development of Open RAN technology for 5G access and core networks, and the associated operations support systems (OSS). They will jointly test, develop and procure Open RAN systems. They will also develop ...

Operators embrace network virtualisation

post image

Telefónica Germany / O2 is working with Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Ericsson to virtualise its 5G core network, leveraging AWS for cloud infrastructure and relying on Ericsson for 5G core and orchestration components. The operator is starting to implement 5G network ...

5G chipsets and devices develop at pace

post image

Qualcomm has announced plans to add 5G compatibility to its budget Snapdragon 4 series chipsets in 2021. While it has already enabled 5G support on an expanded list of chipsets, this latest development will bring the network standard to the cheapest range of smartphones yet. ...

Telefonica and Deutsche Telekom cross-border trial validates federated Telco Edge Cloud for differentiated XR gaming

post image

It is well established that edge computing is opening up new use cases that are computing and data-intensive, latency-sensitive and that may also require data residency, security and resilience. As Edge becomes a commercial reality, with more players competing in the space, ...

EU regulations set to accelerate deployment of 5G small cell antennas

post image

The EU has adopted regulations to accelerate 5G network installations by simplifying the deployment of small cell antennas that provide the last mile for 5G networks. The regulation defines the physical and technical characteristics of small cells, setting strict limits on ...

Guidance Out Now on 5G’s Standalone Option 2 Configuration

post image

Since 2018, the mobile industry has witnessed the adoption of 5G for broadband use cases, namely Fixed Wireless Access and enhanced Mobile Broadband using non-standalone (NSA) configuration Option 3. While there are more 5G use cases such as Massive Internet of Things (mIoT) ...

Nokia joins Open RAN Policy Coalition

post image

Nokia has become the first of the world’s three largest telecoms equipment vendors to join a new open RAN lobby group. Launched in early May with more than 30 members from across the ecosystem, the Open RAN Policy Coalition aims to influence and promote government policies ...

Verizon chief details 5G MEC, network expansions

post image

Verizon CEO Hans Vestberg (pictured) revealed the operator plans to expand a 5G mobile edge compute (MEC) initiative launched with Amazon Web Services (AWS) in 2019 to a total of ten cities this year, to make the technology more widely available to developers. During an ...

GSMA Future Networks: 5G Ecosystem Directory

post image

The Future Networks team continue to work towards expanding the 5G Operator Platform ecosystem, and we are compiling a collaborative list of stakeholders who are filling various roles to support the 5G Era. The 5G Operator Platform Ecosystem Directory will list companies by ...

Ensuring positive outcomes from 5G rural rollout: KDDI & SoftBank

post image

KDDI and SoftBank have established a joint venture to build out 5G technology in rural areas. The agreement will include the ‘mutual use’ of existing base stations and management of new sites, which will accelerate deployments in rural Japan. This follows a recent ...

Open RAN trials gaining traction

post image

Telefónica has partnered with Altiostar, Gigatera Communications, Intel, Supermicro and Xilinx to assist in the development and deployment of open RAN solutions. This follows an announcement from the operator that it would also be conducting 4G and 5G Open RAN trials in key ...

Lufthansa pilots standalone 5G networks in aircraft maintenance industry

post image

Lufthansa Technik is working with Vodafone and Nokia to test its own private 5G networks on two separate projects. One enables clients to remotely join the airline’s engineers in real-time inspections of engine parts; the other project applies live AR/VR to overlay ...

Operators & GSMA join forces on edge computing push

post image

A group of leading operators, backed by the GSMA, teamed to develop an interoperable platform for edge computing, with the goal of making the solutions more accessible to end users and enterprises. In a statement, the GSMA said it would support a partnership between ...

2019 saw 5G become a commercial reality – 2020 will take it to the mass market

post image

2019 was without question the year of 5G, as the industry took it from the conceptual phase of standardisation of 2018, to worldwide consumer launches. This is primarily due to the successful collaborative efforts made by the industry to identify common challenges, share ...