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There is growing industry consensus that the enterprise segment offers the biggest incremental revenue opportunity for operators in the 5G era – $700bn by 2030 (Ericsson).

With 5G network rolling out, the leading operators have started to deploy the enterprise use cases on live networks and are benefiting from unique characteristics such as fast mobile broadband, ultra-reliable network and network slicing.  The following case studies will demonstrate what the use cases are and how operators deploy the services on the 5G network.

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5G News

Operators continue to support the rise of digital health

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Recent announcements reiterate the growing role of operators in digital health. In Belgium, Proximus NXT is working with a major hospital to develop a private 5G network pilot project, while e& and Burjeel Holdings (a healthcare service provider in MENA) announced new ...

A lack of action on 5G rollout risks Europe being left behind

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Europe is far from reaching Digital Decade connectivity targets and is now painfully behind other advanced regions in digital connectivity and digital offerings for businesses and consumers”. This stark warning on the state of Europe’s 5G rollout came from Kalvin Bahia, ...

Operators capitalise on fintech opportunities

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Axiata and consortium partner RHB have received approval from Malaysia’s Central Bank and Finance Ministry to launch digital banking services. Axiata aims to broaden the digital banking options available to those with limited access to traditional banking. Meanwhile, MTN has ...

Operators need to priorities network coverage expansion to meet data requirements

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CES 2024: digital transformation takes centre stage Last week, important announcements were made during CES related to digital transformation across a wide range of topics. In the IoT market, Quectel, a global IoT solutions provider, announced its partnership with Skylo, a ...

Operators accelerate service innovation

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Operators accelerate service innovation Recent announcements provide further examples of major European operators pursuing service innovation through cutting-edge technologies. Pairpoint (a Vodafone and Sumitomo Corporation business), Deloitte and other partners have ...

Generative AI drives silicon industry revenues and market entry

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Nvidia has reported revenues for the third quarter of more than $18 billion, up around 200% from a year ago and up 34% on the previous quarter. Driven by strong demand for its processing units, which are needed to support generative AI solutions in the cloud, Nvidia’s ...

5G business solutions experience strong growth in China and the Middle East

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China Unicom has announced it has deployed a total of 7,441 private 5G networks for businesses, representing triple-digit, year-on-year growth (138%). The news follows the announcement of a collaboration agreement between Nokia Bell Labs and Saudi Aramco to develop digital ...

5G standalone gathers momentum

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Vodafone has announced the launch of its 5G standalone (5G SA) service in the UK, branded ‘5G Ultra’. The service will initially be available to customers in selected cities, but there are plans to expand across the UK over the coming years. Meanwhile, in the US, Verizon has ...

Transport networks are the next stop on the 5G journey

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Telefonica Deutschland, Ericsson and Vantage Towers have joined forces on a project to devise ways to provide high-quality 5G connectivity across Germany’s rail network. The trio will work with rail operator Deutsche Bahn on the initiative, which carries €6.4 million of ...

Drones poised for lift-off with 5G

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T-Mobile US has partnered with Valmont Industries to use 5G-enabled drones for long-distance flight trials that provide aerial inspections for a variety of potential critical use cases – a key part of the digital economy. This partnership, which enabled drones to fly nearly ...

Mobile operators target 5G coverage expansion

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China’s four major mobile operators have announced they will jointly launch the world’s first 5G cross-network roaming trial in the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region. The service enables users to access other operators’ 5G networks when their operator does ...

Private 5G networks enabling grand events

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Vodafone UK has dedicated a slice of its public 5G standalone (5G SA) network to TV production company ITN to broadcast the coronation of King Charles III. It claims to be the first operator to dedicate a slice of public 5G SA network to broadcast a major event in the ...

Industry moves to execute on open RAN potential

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Among recent open RAN developments, Verizon announced it is preparing for open RAN field trials in 2023 that could lead to deployments later in the year, while Virgin Media O2 is working with Mavenir to include an open virtual RAN (vRAN) solution as part of its network ...

Expanding 5G networks and services globally

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Last week we saw several important developments on 5G networks and services. The UK government is targeting 5G standalone (SA) coverage in all populated areas of the country by 2030, while Rogers is acquiring BAI Canada to roll out a 5G network across Toronto’s subway. ...

US looks to free up additional spectrum and introduces regulation for satellite-to-mobile services

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The US National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) has launched a process of identifying at least 1,500 MHz of spectrum that can be repurposed to address current and future needs for fixed and mobile broadband, as well as satellite communications and ...

Securing home court advantage in chipsets

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Chipsets have increasingly become an asset of national strategic importance in the 5G era, with announcements this week from South Korea (Samsung) and China providing further evidence. Samsung’s announcement is of enormous scale, with five new factories set to produce ...

Orange and Ericsson private 5G solution for ArcelorMittal goes live

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ArcelorMittal France has announced the operational launch of ‘5G Steel’, which it claims to be the largest 4G/5G private network in an industrial environment. The network, deployed by Orange Business and Ericsson, will improve sustainability and help reduce carbon emissions ...

Open RAN momentum continues to grow in Europe and North America

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Vodafone has reported progress with its urban open RAN trials, which began in the UK in late 2022. The operator added it is on track for its open RAN request for quotation (RFQ) process to begin in 2024. Bell Canada is also conducting open RAN trials. As part of this, it ...

Operators continue to prove the value of 5G across verticals

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There is growing momentum behind operators piloting network services across different industry verticals and building use cases that leverage the capabilities of 5G. In the area of defence, AT&T’s 5G network has been employed by US defence contractor Northrop ...

European Commission identifies four focus areas for AI and robotics projects

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The European Commission (EC) has identified smart cities, agriculture, manufacturing and healthcare as focus areas for a series of AI and robotics projects earmarked for a total of €200 million in funding. The funding recognises these areas as important to building an AI ...