The 5G Ecosystem

The 5G Ecosystem (Operator Platform)

Discover the growing ecosystem of partners coming together to transform MEC Services and create the level of commonality required to achieve global, interoperable scale

Who are the key players?

In addition to mobile operators, the 5G ecosystem consists of multiple stakeholders, fulfilling a variety of essential roles. Below you can find companies who are active in each category, together with their websites and contact details.

5G Developers

5G Developers are at the heart of what the GSMA is doing with the 5G Operator Platform. We want to ensure that these organisations are heard as we work with our operator members and the wider ecosystem as we collectively define the requirements for a successful rollout.

Company Headquarters Service Website Contact Details
SigScale Canada 3GPP Converged Charging System (CCS)

5G Software / Device Providers

These companies are working to provide 5G products and solutions.

Company Headquarters Solution Website Contact Details
Deutsche Telekom Global Carrier Germany Regional Packet Gateway
Huawei China Learning and Sharing
Infovista France 5G RAN Network Testing/Monitoring
Mavenir USA Cloud-native Core and RAN solutions
Parallel Wireless USA 5G OpenRAN
TXM US/Mexico/Colombia OSS/BSS Integrator & Solutions Provider

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