5G Cloud XR

5G Cloud XR (AR/VR/MR/SR)

5G Cloud XR brings together Cloud-based technologies and XR to deliver superior experiences that revolutionise the use of content in both the consumer and the enterprise sectors

XR in the 5G Era

Telecom operators play an important role in delivering the capabilities required by XR such as edge computing, high data transfer, low latency all of which will be delivered through the deployment of 5G. Furthermore; the big storage and massive computing capabilities needs of XR are met by the deployment of Cloud technologies within operator 5G networks

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Cloud XR Videos

5G Video Series: Cloud XR (Dimenco)


Thursday 18 Jul 2019 | 5G | 5G Video Series | Cloud XR | Resources |

Dimenco demonstrate their Simulated Reality technology, allowing users to experience 3D Gaming without the need for any dedicated headset Dimenco MWC19 Shanghai

Cloud XR Publications

GSMA Online Document: Cloud AR/VR Whitepaper


Wednesday 8 May 2019 | 5G | Cloud XR | Resources |

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality technologies have proven themselves to be valuable additions to the fields of digital entertainment, information and workspace, but solutions leveraging these technologies have required processing platforms that...

Cloud AR/VR Streaming Booklet


Monday 11 Mar 2019 | 5G | Cloud XR | Resources |

Cloud AR/VR Streaming: Accelerate mass adoption and improve quality of experience of AR/VR using 5G and Edge Cloud   Currently, AR and VR services require high computation and storage power as well as expensive ...