Mobile’s Contribution to Child Protection

Driving Industry-wide Initiatives Designed to Protect Young People Using Mobile Services

The GSMA is committed to leading the debate on how to protect young people online and it encourages all of its members to take proactive action in this area. We are focused on the development of considered regulatory and self-regulatory approaches to enable safe environments for children using mobile services and are engaging in constructive dialogue with governments, child experts, NGOs, academics, parents and educators.

The GSMA leads a number of initiatives in this area with differing areas of focus, all with the ultimate goal of making the mobile experience safe for young people:

  1. The Mobile Alliance against Child Sexual Abuse Content
  2. The European Framework for Safer Mobile Use by Younger Teenagers and Children
  3. Age Sensitive Content

The GSMA has also supported its European members in the creation of the ICT Principles for the Safer Use of Connected Devices and Online Services by Children and Young People in the EU.

The GSMA has collaborated with UNICEF and the ITU to produce new guidelines on Child Online Protection and mobile operator case studies.

For further information relating to the GSMA’s work in this area, please contact the team


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