Internet Governance

Ensuring confidence in the mobile internet

Our mission is to support the continuation of the multi-stakeholder model that enables the growth of a safe, secure, stable, trustworthy and interoperable mobile internet.

The GSMA supports an open internet that is safe, secure, stable, trustworthy and interoperable. We believe it is desirable for the mobile industry to continue to work on an equal footing with other parties within the multi-stakeholder framework to develop the internet in an open and decentralised way. It should not be governed by any particular business model or regulatory approach. We also encourage collaborative, diverse and inclusive models for internet governance decision-making that enable participation by all the relevant stakeholders.

The globalisation of key internet governance functions and development of standards must be transparent so that they preserve the internet’s qualities of resiliency, security and stability. It is only through these measures that we can ensure the internet is available for everyone, everywhere.