Mobile Alliance

Combatting online child sexual abuse content

Our mission is to help stem and ultimately reverse the growth of online child sexual abuse content, by creating significant barriers to the misuse of mobile networks and services for hosting, accessing or profiting from such content.

Children have a basic right to protection from sexual exploitation and violence, as well as the right to privacy. Children who have been sexually abused and had evidence of that abuse uploaded online are denied these fundamental rights.

The GSMA’s Mobile Alliance Against Child Sexual Abuse Content was founded by an international group of mobile operators within the GSMA to obstruct the use of the mobile environment by individuals or organisations wishing to consume or profit from child sexual abuse content.

The Alliance works collaboratively with policymakers, law enforcement, hotline organisations and NGOs, as well as the wider mobile industry, to promote a robust and coordinated response to this crime and help safeguard children’s fundamental rights.

The Alliance is open to all members of the mobile ecosystem. If you are interested in joining or supporting the Mobile Alliance Against Child Sexual Abuse Content, please contact us.