Promoting transparency, choice and trust in the digital society

Our mission is to increase consumer trust by promoting high standards of data protection and privacy, and advocating for greater transparency and choice over how personal data may be used.

Mobile phones and other connected devices are the main portal through which people access the digital world. Every activity or item of personal information shared in this realm makes up a person’s digital identity. The collection of personal data by apps and devices can be highly beneficial, enabling service providers to open up new possibilities for individuals and society: better products, smarter cities, services that improve health and disaster response systems, for example.

For the digital economy to achieve its potential for everyone, consumers must trust the online environment. The GSMA continually tracks developments in the ever-changing digital ecosystem, from the rise of location-based services to the implications of big data analytics and the Internet of Things. We work with governments, regulators and the wider mobile industry to promote transparency and choice and to encourage responsible privacy governance practices, for example through the GSMA Privacy Principles.

Cross-border data flows

Cross-Border Data Flows: The impact of data localisation on IoT


Monday 18 Jan 2021 | 2021 | Cross-Border Data Flows | Global | Research & Reports |

The Internet of Things (IoT) transforms business, energises communities and empowers individuals. It can also benefit countries through increased productivity, employment, exports, energy efficiency and GDP. To enable these technologies and unlock their po

Regional Privacy Frameworks and Cross-Border Data Flows


Wednesday 5 Sep 2018 | 2018 | Asia Pacific and Greater China | Cross-Border Data Flows | Data Protection | Privacy | Research & Reports |

According to McKinsey research, international data flows have increased global GDP by 10.1 per cent over the past decade. Both ASEAN and APEC have officially recognised in their privacy frameworks the vital contribution that ...

Cross-Border Data Flows: Realising benefits and removing barriers


Wednesday 5 Sep 2018 | 2018 | Cross-Border Data Flows | Data Protection | Global | Privacy | Research & Reports |

This report describes the benefits of cross-border data flows for individuals, businesses and governments, and explores the damaging impact of data localisation measures – requiring that certain types of data remain in country or be stored on local servers

Cross-Border Data Flows Enable the Digital Economy: An overview


Monday 25 Sep 2017 | 2017 | Cross-Border Data Flows | Data Protection | Global | Policy Position | Privacy |

The free flow of data across borders is essential for the digital economy, yet many governments place restrictions on the movement of data internationally. Some of these restrictions may be unnecessary and can stifle innovation, ...

Principles, guidelines and positions

5G and Data Privacy


Monday 27 Jul 2020 | 2020 | 5G | Global | Privacy |

As new business models and uses of personal data begin to emerge, this paper explains some of the relevant features of 5G to help industry, authorities and consumer groups to explore the data privacy aspects of the evolving 5G landscape.

COVID-19 Privacy Guidelines


Monday 6 Apr 2020 | 2020 | Global | Guidelines | Privacy |

As COVID-19 continues to spread rapidly in many parts of the world, some governments and other agencies are making requests for data or insights held by mobile network operators (MNOs) and other companies.

Smart Data Privacy Laws


Monday 24 Jun 2019 | 2019 | Global | Privacy | Research & Reports |

Sensing the huge opportunity of digital transformation, governments are keen to establish a regulatory environment that supports data-driven economic growth while strengthening trust in technology. Many countries are therefore considering data privacy laws

Safety, privacy and security across the mobile ecosystem


Friday 24 Feb 2017 | Child Online Protection | Mobile Security | Privacy | Research & Reports |

This report seeks to explain the major issues and challenges around safety, privacy and security in the mobile world, highlighting the complexities and trade-offs and demonstrating the industry initiatives and actions which are already ...

Mobile Privacy and Big Data Analytics


Friday 24 Feb 2017 | Internet of Things | Privacy | Research & Reports |

Big data analytics can have a significant impact on societal aims such as the UN Sustainable Development Goals and has the potential to deliver more effective health outcomes, better environmental management, increased opportunities ...

Mobile Privacy Principles


Friday 5 Feb 2016 | 2016 | Data Protection | Global | Guidelines | Mobile Apps | Privacy |

In January 2011, the GSMA published a set of universal Mobile Privacy Principles that describe the way in which mobile consumers’ privacy should be respected and protected when consumers use mobile applications and services that ...

Privacy Design Guidelines for Mobile Application Development


Wednesday 1 Feb 2012 | 2012 | Data Protection | Global | Guidelines | Mobile Apps | Privacy |

Following a GSMA review of existing mobile operating systems (OS) and application security frameworks, and after discussions with industry players and application developers, it became clear that there is an inconsistent approach to ...

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