Promoting transparency, choice and trust in the digital society

Our mission is to increase consumer trust by promoting high standards of data protection and privacy, and advocating for greater transparency and choice over how personal data may be used.

Mobile phones and other connected devices are the main portal through which people access the digital world. Every activity or item of personal information shared in this realm makes up a person’s digital identity. The collection of personal data by apps and devices can be highly beneficial, enabling service providers to open up new possibilities for individuals and society: better products, smarter cities, services that improve health and disaster response systems, for example.

For the digital economy to achieve its potential for everyone, consumers must trust the online environment. The GSMA continually tracks developments in the ever-changing digital ecosystem, from the rise of location-based services to the implications of big data analytics and the Internet of Things. We work with governments, regulators and the wider mobile industry to promote transparency and choice and to encourage responsible privacy governance practices, for example through the GSMA Privacy Principles.