5G EMF Surveys

Across the world, national health agencies, government regulators, academia, test laboratories, mobile operators and manufacturers have conducted extensive testing on commercial and test networks to determine 5G EMF exposure levels.

These surveys show that:

  • International safety and testing standards are in place for all 5G frequencies including millimetre waves (mmWave).
  • Measured levels from 5G networks operating in all continents are low, and well below the international safety limits.
  • 5G EMF levels are similar to other wireless technologies with little difference between frequency bands.

5G networks are designed to use radio spectrum efficiently and this is evident in the testing. Reduced signalling requirements for 5G and the use of smart antenna systems mean lower unwanted EMF levels.

The typical maximum measured 5G EMF level across the surveys is less than 1% of the international public limits.

(Updated October 2022) Download infographic: 5G RF-EMF surveys: Global results demonstrate low 5G levels

About the surveys

The data comes from the sources indicated in the country entries. Measured levels are for publicly accessible areas, typically at ground level. 5G EMF levels were converted to a percentage of the relevant international (ICNIRP) public EMF limit. 5G combined refers to ‘all mobile’ or ‘all radio sources’ depending on the measurement approach. Select a country and scroll down for details.

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