Accreditation of the RCS Blackbird release and growth of native RCS devices

The GSMA’s Network 2020 Interoperability Testing (IOT) team continues to see progression of joyn Blackbird accreditations for the RCS ecosystem. As of November 1st 2014, accreditations for new joyn Blackbird devices and clients were formally handed over to the GCF, although the GSMA’s IOT team will complete all ongoing joyn Blackbird device and client accreditations.

There have been a number of recent achievements in terms of accreditation successes. Device manufacturer Samsung was the first to achieve Full Accreditation of the joyn Blackbird release, closely followed by LG, Nokia / Microsoft and Sony. Vodafone Germany have a range of joyn Blackbird devices, such as: HTC One M7 and M8 Mini, LG70, Samsung S4 and S4 Mini, Samsung S5 and Sony Xperia Z1. The launch of joyn Blackbird services on Deutsche Telekom’s network in Germany is expected in December 2014. HTC are completing a few remaining quality check tests prior to them being awarded Full Accreditation to joyn Blackbird before the end of 2014.

Other providers are also progressing joyn Blackbird accreditation with downloadable Android clients from Jibe Mobile and Huawei, and an Android device from TCL. We expect commercial implementations will be brought to the market early in 2015. Further success announcements for joyn Blackbird Operator networks and Hosted Solution accreditations will follow.