Are you providing a quality LTE roaming experience?

Read our report to find out how to test and benchmark your service.

The Global Roaming Quality (GRQ) Pilot Project has been setup by GSMA’s Network 2020 programme and the Networks Group to encourage roaming implementation and establish a consistent standard of quality. The project will provide support to test and monitor the quality of LTE roaming across all services through validating LTE GRQ KPIs and determining a good quality of service. This will enable the benchmarking of a reliable and trusted customer experience.

The project completed its first phase in November 2015 which looked at testing LTE GRQ for data roaming, SMS over NAS signaling and voice CS Fall Back. The GRQ tests were successfully conducted with GlobalRoamer in real LTE networks allowing the project to analyse and present a view of the current LTE roaming quality, propose KPI thresholds that reflect a good quality and to continuously monitor LTE roaming service quality.

The findings are presented in a report which describes the LTE GRQ test environment, the reference test system, KPIs, test cases, analysis of test results and provides the KPI thresholds as recommendation, approved by the Networks Group (GSMA NG). As the report is based on life LTE network implementations it’s an essential resource for deploying LTE to establish reliable quality of service monitoring.

GSMA members can download the report through the LTE GRQ Test Report.

What’s next?

The pilot project will extend to the profiled IMS services over LTE in the summer of 2016, starting with Voice over LTE (VoLTE) GRQ, assuring voice global roaming quality.

Operators participating in the trial will receive early analysis of their own Voice over LTE services allowing them to improve results before the pilot completion. To join the pilot project that focuses on VoLTE GRQ please contact Nicola Witney.