Future Networks at Innovation City MWC Shanghai 2017

Our demonstrations in Innovation City bring 5G and Messaging to life:


5G – In partnership with ZTE

ZTE will be demonstrating the responsiveness of 5G latency with a Virtual Reality controlled submarine.  Visitors can get hands on with the demo and experience how 5G latency will allow remote robotic operations to take place real time in areas which are inaccessible or unsafe to humans.

RCS – In partnership with Samsung

Samsung will demonstrate the power of Messaging as a Platform (MaaP) using RCS to connect a consumer with their home devices – such as an air purifier.  The consumer receives a chat message using RCS advising that the filter needs changing on the air purifier, and offering the consumer the option to purchase a replacement filter within the message interface.

RCS – In partnership with ZTE

ZTE will show how RCS will enrich and add additional layers to the experience of a voice call, with pre-call announcements eg. “Where are you?”.  It also allows users to send pictures, sketches and maps within the call – e.g “I’m here!”.

RCS – In partnership with Summit Tech

RCS Messaging as a platform (MaaP): Operators can enable businesses to deploy chatbots within RCS messaging allowing users to shop, book taxis, order food, buy tickets or use virtually any mCommerce service without the need for additional apps.

The live RCS MaaP demo by Summit Tech features the IMS Connected Car alongside the restaurant drive-thru service comprising of RCS chatbot linked with an MNO Cloud-based mCommerce platform. MNO enabled chatbot services enable businesses from retail, hospitality and the entertainment industry to build and customize a complete end to end mCommerce based RCS chatbot service in minutes.

China Mobile Research Institute

China Mobile showing how there remote test and certification concept can accelerated RCS market growth and new business opportunities.