Orange and Telefonica to focus on sustainability and social responsibility

Orange has launched its Engage2025 initiative, which will see the operator increase its focus on social and environmental issues, while simultaneously delivering strong business growth. The company is ‘convinced that in the years ahead strong economic performance will not be possible without exemplary performance on social and environmental issues’. Telefonica, as part of its recent five-point plan, has also announced the ambition of ‘making our world more human and more sustainable’.

Leading global organisations including the World Economic Forum (WEF) have led the call for corporates to focus more on sustainable growth, while the investment community is seeing the growth of responsible investing, which incorporates environmental, social and governance factors into decision-making. This highlights how growth, sustainability and share price performance can be linked in a positive manner and that operators can take a proactive role in addressing the major social and environmental challenges facing the world today.

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