MWC19 Shanghai – 5G Cloud XR Summit

Start: Thursday 27 June 2019 1:30 pm

End: Thursday 27 June 2019 3:30 pm

Venue: Shanghai New International Expo Centre

This session is part of the Content & Media Transformation Summit, which runs from 13:30-17:30. Attendees will require a Gold Pass in order to attend this session and you can find more information about passes here.

Venue: Hall N5, Auditorium C, Shanghai New International Expo Centre

Extended Reality (XR) refers to the spectrum of technologies that combine computer generated Virtual elements into the real environment.

XR encompasses Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), Mixed Reality (MR), and Simulated Reality (SR) as well as other variations.

Cloud XR brings together Cloud-based technologies and XR to deliver superior experiences that revolutionise the consumption of content in both the consumer and the enterprise sectors.

Telecom operators play an important role in delivering the capabilities required by XR such as edge computing, high data transfer, low latency all of which will be delivered through the deployment of 5G.

Furthermore; the big storage and massive computing capabilities needs of XR are met by the deployment of Cloud technologies within operator 5G networks.

You’re invited to join the Future Networks 5G Cloud XR Summit where industry experts will discuss the following topics and more:

  • Identify the key use cases in Cloud XR
  • Investigate the value chain, stakeholders and business models
  • Share case studies and best practices


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Henry Calvert, Head of Future Networks – GSMA


Operators’ opportunities in 5G XR services

– Share DT’s VR service innovation and operations to encourage industry partners, eg: VR live streaming experience

Martin Liboska, Senior Technical Project Manager Innovation Hub – Deutsche Telekom


Operator’s role in future entertainment services and Edge Cloud

Dr Chih-Lin I, Chief Scientist, Wireless Technologies – China Mobile


Exploring Telcos’ Business Models for 5G Cloud X

– Cloud PC is an entry point into new business for operators

– Examining the Cloud X business model, from connection to the cloud

– Huawei’s experiences in incubating new Cloud XR services

Dr. Yuefeng Zhou, Chief Marketing Officer – Huawei Wireless Solution


Learning to Build a Digital Human on the Cloud

– Cloud-based computer vision and machine learning techniques for recovering geometry, texture, motion, hair, skin, etc. of a physical human at an ultra-high quality;

– Holo4D, a holographics teleimmersive communication system that supports real-time reconstruction, cloud-based compression, decompression, rendering and streaming, and AR/VR/holographic display of live 3D human

– Broad applications of Holo4D in education, entertainment, gaming, movie industry, etc, including a live demo of Holo4D at the Cloud XR Summit.

Prof. Jingyi Yu – Chairman and Chief Scientist – DGene


Cloud XR and Cloud Gaming

Hexiang Zhang, Founder & CEO – Gloud


Panel Discussion

Panel Moderator – Kelvin Qin – GSMA




Alex Sinclair


Alex Sinclair

Alex Sinclair is the Chief Technology Officer at the GSMA. With more than 25 years in telecommunications in general and mobile in particular, Alex has worked for a number of companies in the UK, Germany and the US. In the early 1990’s, Alex was part of the project team that launched the T-Mobile D1 network in Germany. In 1995, Alex helped Syniverse to launch their GSM clearinghouse business. Prior to joining the GSMA, Alex was Director of Network Engineering at ICO (a Global Satellite venture). Alex has served as Chief Technology Officer of the GSMA since 2005.

Henry Calvert

Head of Future Networks, GSMA

Henry Calvert

Henry joined the GSMA in December 2013, and is responsible for the delivery of the Future Networks programme. A key programme of the GSMA’s strategic focus, to deliver industry scale for IP Communications and 5G, whilst considering Network Economic challenges for the Mobile industry as it transitions to a 5G Era.

Previously he worked for the SingTel Group and has over 20 years’ experience in the telecommunications sector, both in Networks and IT portfolios and has been involved in the deployment of mobile networks in over 10 operations across 10 different countries. Henry designed and built Optus’ 3G + LTE mobile network, all IP network and managed the product development transformation.  He was the creator and board member of the network sharing Joint Venture between SingTel Optus and Vodafone Networks Pty Ltd (Australia).

Henry has been a board member and Chair of the Australian Mobile Telecommunications Association (AMTA) and previously held an Executive Management Committee position in the GSMA.

Dr. Chih-Lin I

Lin I, Chief Scientist Wireless Technologies – China Mobile

Dr. Chih-Lin I

Chih-Lin I received her Ph.D. degree in electrical engineering from Stanford University. She has been working at multiple world-class companies and research institutes leading the R&D, including AT&T Bell Labs; Director of AT&T HQ, Director of ITRI Taiwan, and VPGD of ASTRI Hong Kong. She received the IEEE Trans. COM Stephen Rice Best Paper Award, the IEEE ComMag Fred W. Ellersick Prize Best Paper Award, and has won the 2015 Industrial Innovation Award of IEEE Communication Society for Leadership and Innovation in Next-Generation Cellular Wireless Networks.


In 2011, she joined China Mobile as its Chief Scientist of wireless technologies, established the Green Communications Research Center, and launched the 5G Key Technologies R&D. She is spearheading major initiatives including 5G, C-RAN, high energy efficiency system architectures, technologies and devices, green energy, and wireless big data for network embedded intelligence. She has led the launch of Wireless AI Alliance (WAIA) and O-RAN (Open RAN) Alliance.


She was an Area Editor of IEEE/ACM Trans. NET, an elected Board Member of IEEE ComSoc, Chair of the ComSoc Meetings and Conferences Board, and Founding Chair of the IEEE WCNC Steering Committee. She was a Professor at NCTU, an Adjunct Professor at NTU, and an Adjunct Professor at BUPT. She is the Chair of FuTURE 5G SIG, the Chair of WAIA Executive Committee, the Chair of O-RAN TSC, an Executive Board Member of GreenTouch, a Network Operator Council Founding Member of ETSI NFV, a Steering Board Member and Vice Chair of WWRF, a Steering Committee member and the Publication Chair of IEEE 5G Initiative, a member of IEEE ComSoc SDB, SPC, and CSCN-SC, and a Scientific Advisory Board Member of Singapore NRF. Her current research interests center around “From Green & Soft to Open & Smart”.

Martin Liboska

Snr. Technical PM Innovation Hub – Deutsche Telekom,

Martin Liboska

Corporate entrepreneur with more than 14 years mobile telecommunication experience focusing on innovative product development based on major technology trends such as AR/VR, IOT & AI

2008 – now @ Deutsche Telekom AG: mainly in product development and innovation management/ new business development roles

Since July 2018: Cloud XR Lead at DT and Co-chair of GSMA Cloud XR Forum; Driving development of B2C, B2B & B2B2C use cases and business models based on AR/VR & 5G/ Edge computing technologies with international partners ranging from start ups to large corporations

2017 Program Lead of the DT-ZEISS smartglasses prototyping program resulting in the foundation of a JV called “tooz technologies”

2015/ 2016 Project Manager of product development and international market launch projects for strategic differentiation such as Amazon Firephone and Google Pixel

2004 – 2008 @ Vodafone Group: user experience design management; responsible for innovative UX definition and implementation into mobile platforms such as S60 Vodafone homescreen

Deployment Contact


Deployment Contact


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Network Slicing is earmarked to be a prominent feature of 5G to enjoy connectivity and data processing tailored to customers’ specific requirements.