MWC23 Las Vegas – Open Gateway DevCon

MWC23 Las Vegas – Open Gateway DevCon

Start: Wednesday 27 September 2023 10:00

End: Wednesday 27 September 2023 16:30

Venue: The HUB Innovation stage, Las Vegas Convention Center, West Hall

Location: Las Vegas, NV, USA

What's On About MWC Las Vegas Attend

Are you ready to step into the future of connectivity solutions? Join us at the Open Gateway DevCon, a groundbreaking event designed to inspire innovation, spark creativity, and unveil the limitless potential of connectivity. This is not just another conference; it’s a gathering of developers, by developers, for developers.

Discover the power of connectivity

Explore the cutting-edge world of GSMA Open Gateway, a framework of common network APIs that offers universal access to operator networks. Uncover the paradigm shift that’s redefining the way the telecoms industry designs and delivers services in the dynamic landscape of the API economy.

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Why Attend Open Gateway DevCon

  • Immerse yourself in a full day of insights, networking, and inspiration.
  • Gain unparalleled access to industry pioneers, visionaries, and experts.
  • Learn how GSMA Open Gateway accelerates service deployment and amplifies functionality across operator networks.
  • Be part of a community that’s shaping the future of connectivity.

Speakers Who Shape the Industry

Meet and learn from industry luminaries from Nokia, KDDI, Verizon, Microsoft, Telefonica, Bell Canada and many more.


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Be part of something bigger. Be part of innovation. Be part of Open Gateway DevCon. Join us at MWC Las Vegas, in partnership with CTIA, on September 27th as we embark on a journey to inspire, learn, and redefine the possibilities of connectivity.

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Mats Granryd, Director General, GSMA


Making networks accessible to application developers

How can the network industry enable application developers to enrich the experience of their enterprise and consumer customers? Today’s 5G-era networks have exciting new features and capabilities that have not traditionally been made available to 3rd party developers to access. But with a combination of flexible programmability and an evolved willingness on the part of the Communications Service Provider community to open their networks, we find ourselves at an exciting crossroads.

Shkumbin Hamiti, Head of Network Monetization Platform, Nokia

Mikko Jarva, Head of Portfolio & Architecture, Network Monetization Platform, Cloud and Network Services, Nokia

Erin Raney, Sr Director Technology and Innovation, T-Mobile



Why create future ready services

Why was GSMA Open Gateway developed? A fireside chat on what Open Gateway is, why it was developed and the value and uses cases for developers.

Claude Arpin, Director – 5G Business Development, Bell Canada

Masaaki Koga, Executive Director, KDDI

Henry Calvert, Head of Networks, GSMA


Networking break


Bridging mobile networks with developers
Oscar Louro, Go-To-Market Director Telefónica Open Gateway, Telefónica 

Ross Ortega, VP Product Management, Azure for Operators, Microsoft 


Harnessing the potential of network APIs for transformation and growth

The benefits of the aggregator model, what this enables, the ecosystem of global developers that aggregators can reach, use cases and business value.

Moderator: Chris Barraclough, CEO, STL Partners

Mikko Jarva, Head of Portfolio & Architecture, Network Monetization Platform, Cloud and Network Services, Nokia

Ricardo Villarreal, Product Manager for Azure Programmable Connectivity, Azure for Operators, Microsoft

Noel Wirzius, Product Manager for Network APIs, Deutsche Telekom

Dharmik Mehta, Principal Product Manager, 5G Services, T-Mobile US


Networking lunch break


How to....workshops

Let's innovate in Telefónica's Developer Hub




The APIs in depth​ - Nokia



Creating Developer Friendly Network APIs by Verizon


Followed by discussion


Oscar Louro, Go-To-Market Director Telefónica Open Gateway, Telefónica and Ricardo Villarreal, Principal Product Manager, Azure for Operators, Microsoft 


Vasudev Kolar, Product Line Manager, Network Monetization Platform, Cloud and Network Services, Nokia


Mahesh Chapalamadugu, Principal Member Technical Staff, Network Planning, Verizon


Creating a digital future together: launch of the Open Gateway Challenge and closing remarks
Henry Calvert, Head of Networks, GSMA


Mikko Jarva

Head of Portfolio & Architecture, Network Monetization Platform, Cloud and Network Services, Nokia

Mikko heads portfolio and architecture for new Network Monetization Platform business unit in Nokia. Network Monetization Platform business unit was setup to build offering for global 5G and advanced network programmability and monetization, based on Nokia’s Network as Code vision, which Mikko was driving and incubating in his previous role.

As a Head of Portfolio and Architecture, Mikko’s is responsible defining long term portfolio vision and differentiating offering for Network Monetization Platform, and drive the transformation on how mobile networks are used and monetized in enabling entirely new, ecosystem created next generation experiences and enterprise applications.

Previously in Nokia, Mikko led Advanced Technology Group, a team of highly skilled and experienced technologists in advanced technology evaluations, rapid prototyping and first-time implementation and incubation of advanced solution prototypes and concepts. Advanced Technology Group successful incubations included Nokia SaaS delivery and operations vision leading to the foundation of Nokia SaaS, and Network as Code vision leading to the foundation of Network Monetization Platform.

Mikko has over 23 years of experience in telecommunications software and has worked even longer than that with data, analytics and AI software solutions. During his professional journey he has gained experience through variety of roles, including in scientific research, product training, product marketing, technical sales and business development, and more recently as CTO of Intelligent Data in Comptel and Head of Product Strategy for Digital Intelligence in Nokia.

Masaaki Koga

Executive Director, KDDI

Masaaki Koga is Executive Director of KDDI responsible for Industry Standards under Technology sector.

He joined KDDI (DDI at that time) after graduating from Kyushu University master course of electronics. He had worked on implementation, development and strategic planning of mobile technologies from 2G to 5G as a senior manager or a general manager.

He has been involved in many standardization activities including 3GPP, 3GPP2 and ITU-T/R. He chaired the CDG international roaming team for more than 8 years and received 3G CDMA Industry Achievement Award in 2006 for his Industry Leadership.

He strongly believes that industry standards will continue to drive technology and business innovation. He has been a Technology Group member of GSMA.

Henry Calvert

Head of Networks, GSMA

Henry joined the GSMA in December 2013, and is responsible for the delivery of the Future Networks programme. A key programme of the GSMA’s strategic focus, to deliver industry scale for IP Communications and 5G, whilst considering Network Economic challenges for the Mobile industry as it transitions to a 5G Era.

Previously he worked for the SingTel Group and has over 20 years’ experience in the telecommunications sector, both in Networks and IT portfolios and has been involved in the deployment of mobile networks in over 10 operations across 10 different countries. Henry designed and built Optus’ 3G + LTE mobile network, all IP network and managed the product development transformation.  He was the creator and board member of the network sharing Joint Venture between SingTel Optus and Vodafone Networks Pty Ltd (Australia).

Henry has been a board member and Chair of the Australian Mobile Telecommunications Association (AMTA) and previously held an Executive Management Committee position in the GSMA.

Shkumbin Hamiti

Head of Network Monetization Platform, Nokia

Shkumbin is a twenty-five-year Nokia veteran based in Espoo. His distinguished career with Nokia includes  successful track record of spearheading, leading, developing and influencing some of most significant developments within the mobile industry. Shkumbin held key technology leadership positions in standardization, ecosystem development, devices, GTM partnerships, and business line management. He is named as inventor in 12 granted patents and author of several technical publications. He is currently heading Nokia’s Network Monetization Platform Business Unit helping industry to unleash the power of 5G networks.

Born in Prishtina, Kosovo, Shkumbin studied in Zagreb, Croatia and after a brief time in Bangkok, Thailand he moved to Finland where he has lived since 1996. Married with two teenage sons, he is passionate about aviation and enjoys playing chess.

Mahesh Chapalamadugu

Principal Member Technical Staff, Network Planning, Verizon

Mahesh is a principal member technical staff at Verizon with over 15 years of experience in software design and development. He has been part of Verizon since 2016, during which he helped create multiple Products/Platforms in SDN, NFV and MEC domains focused on automation and creating go-to-market solutions.

Ricardo Villarreal

Product Manager for Azure Programmable Connectivity, Azure for Operators, Microsoft

Ricardo is part of Azure for Operators team at Microsoft. He is responsible for the product development of Azure Programmable Connectivity –a platform to make Azure the best place for developers to write and deploy network intelligent applications. Prior to Microsoft, he was with Cisco Systems, was a strategy consultant for McKinsey & Company, and also worked in the strategy teams of HSBC and American Express. He began his career as a network engineer with Level 3 Communications. Ricardo has an MBA from The Wharton School, an M.A. in International Studies from the University of Pennsylvania and a Master’s in Electrical Engineering from Cornell University.

Noel Wirzius

Product Manager for Network APIs, Deutsche Telekom

Noel is product manager for Network APIs at Deutsche Telekom and believes that products can only be successful if they provide a high user experience. With network APIs developers can directly interact with the network of a telecommunication provider (e.g. requesting a higher quality). Prior to Deutsche Telekom, he worked for OBI as product owner and finished his Master’s in international management.

Dharmik Mehta

Principal Product Manager, 5G Services, T-Mobile US

Dharmik Mehta is a Principal Product Manager, driving 5G network services related initiatives for the DevEdge program at T-Mobile.

DevEdge allows developers access to the T-Mobile network capabilities like Slicing, Quality on Demand, and Communication Platform as a Service (CPaas); democratizing the power of the 5G network by putting it in the hands of developers who will usher in the next generation of innovations.

He is a passionate customer advocate, focused on empowering application developers to innovate and build solutions that make the world a better place, one use case at a time!

Ross Ortega

VP Product Management, Azure for Operators, Microsoft Azure

Ross Ortega, a product manager in Azure for Operators, focuses on edge computing, 5G, and hybrid cloud services. He is responsible for Public MEC (5G networks connected to Azure hardware for IoT and user applications) and Azure Operator Distributed Services (Azure 5G network function virtualization platform). Previously Ross was in Azure Networking where he created a $1B portfolio of networking services launching ExpressRoute, VPN, Virtual WAN, Application Gateway, Web Application Firewall, Bastion Host, Route Server, Private MEC and created an ecosystem of Network Virtual Appliances. Prior to Azure he was in Windows Networking focusing on Network Virtualization, Hyper-V switch security, and network performance. Before Microsoft Ross founded a couple of venture-backed startups focusing on networking software and network behavioral analysis. He received a Ph.D. in Computer Science from the University of Washington and bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering from MIT.


Oscar Louro

Go-To-Market Director Telefónica Open Gateway, Telefónica

Óscar Louro García is Go-To-Market Director for Open Gateway at Telefonica. Open Gateway is an industry-wide initiative to expose Telco capabilities to third party developers through APIs. Óscar drives the strategic partnerships, business development and go to market activities and is responsible for the overall coordination of all Telefonica business teams involved in the initiative, at the global and local levels.

Previously, Óscar was the Head of Business Development at Telefonica Tech, where he led the business development activities for IoT and Big Data services in Telefónica’s European and off-net footprints. Before that, Óscar launched and managed the IoT Partner Program, Telefónica’s global indirect channel for managed IoT Connectivity, that includes 1000+ partners worldwide and millions of IoT lines. He also worked in other European telco companies such as Orange or Tele2, managing B2B Product Teams.

Óscar is a Telecommunications Engineer from the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya and has a Master’s Degree in eCommerce, from the same University.

Claude Arpin

Director – 5G Business Development, Bell Canada

With 25+ years of experience in developing and researching innovative IoT solutions for diverse industries, most notably subscriber-based business models, telecommunications, and security products. Claude is a recognized leader in his field and has broad and deep international sales experience including global strategy. Currently focusing on 5G and Multi-Access Edge Computing (MEC) strategy.

Finally, Claude leads the Bell 5G Accelerator program, supporting enterprises of all sizes into their IoT cloud transformation.

Vasudev Kolar

Product Line Manager, Network Monetization Platform, Cloud and Network Services, Nokia

Vasu is the Product Line Manager in the Network Monetization Platform business unit in Nokia and is responsible for driving the product roadmap, features & capabilities required for 5G programmability and monetization. Vasu is a Product and R&D Leader with over 22 years of experience in software development, building innovative products & solutions, leading architecture transformation and establishing lean agile processes. He has been in various leadership roles in heading R&D and Product management teams over his career at Nokia. He has experience in diverse domains like OSS, Service & Customer Experience Management solutions, Big data & Analytics, Machine learning  & AI use cases. He is passionate about technology and working with people in building high performing teams and a work culture focussed on teamwork and continuous learning. He has a Engineering Bachelor’s degree in Electronics & Communication and an MBA in Finance.

Erin Raney

Sr Director Technology and Innovation, T-Mobile