Innovator Profile: Huawei WTTx Suite

WTTx Suite enables service automation, empowers Globe to win home broadband success

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With the advent of the digital era, universal broadband is viewed as a basic human right in many countries. Huawei has demonstrated the advantages of WTTx Suite in partnership with Globe, which has deployed the largest wireless broadband network in South Pacific quickly. WTTx Suite solution, as an innovative AI-based automation solution deployed in Globe, provides reliable wireless SLA evaluation/management and overcomes the high cost of rolling out wireless broadband service.

Launched in 2016, WTTx Suite is the industry’s 1st solution that enables E2E service automation and the solution behind Globe At Home Air. WTTx Suite is a solution that facilitates telecom operators in deploying/operating WTTx services. With pre-sale and post-sale evaluation, it helps operators to launch WTTx services quickly and to detect network congestion and user experience deterioration in a timely manner.

Based on AI technology, WTTx Suite is able to provide a highly reliable pre-sale evaluation in terms of the location, package and CPE it can provide to customers. By connecting with Globe’s Business and Operation Support System (BOSS), what the operator needs to do is just input the name of the target address, and the pre-sale evaluation result can be shown automatically.  Besides, with the support of WTTx Suite pre-sale evaluation, the engineers don’t need to travel on-site, which dramatically reduces the burden of travelling in the extreme weather.

Post-evaluation capabilities in WTTx Suite are clearly outlined in graphs and maps to enable more strategic network expansion planning and remote diagnosis.  Thanks for AI technologies, WTTx Suite is able to identify the potential customers who might leave the operator soon and take proactive care to improve user experience and minimize churn rate.

WTTx Suite is part of the overall solution of MAE (MBB Automation Engine), released by Huawei. Based on Huawei MAE’s open architecture, it is able to coordinate with various systems of operators and 3rd parties with open APIs, for example, BOSS, network planning, network optimization, customer service systems, service hall and even web portals. Globe co-developed Huawei’s WTTx Suite since 2016 and is now commercially integrated with Globe’s Enterprise Maps Application (GEMA).

WTTx Suite needs to build up its own ecosystem through standardized open APIs so its AI/automation capacities can be more open to operators and 3rd parties. One example is that in some circumstances, a handset can be developed for a door-to-door salesperson which is connected to operators BOSS system, WTTx Suite and 3rd party systems.

More than 50 operators currently have deployed WTTx Suite for their 4G networks all over the world. This has laid a solid foundation for 5G development and will speed up the service provisioning of FWA as the first commercial 5G business. As broadband is increasingly considered as a basic universal service across the world, its importance is especially meaningful in terms of increasing people’s living standards and wellbeing.


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