KDDI, Deutsche Telekom and partners demonstrate next generation AR mobile app experience in alignment with GSMA TEC initiative

Tuesday 26 Oct 2021 | 5G Video Series | Resources | TEC partner spotlight | Telco Edge | Telco Edge Cloud |

KDDI Corporation, Deutsche Telekom AG, MobiledgeX, Sturfee and Mawari have jointly developed a mobile application proof of concept to demonstrate an augmented reality (AR) application leveraging remote rendering (Mawari) and visual positioning (Sturfee) running on a common platform (MobiledgeX) across edge networks jointly provided by KDDI and Deutsche Telekom. This proof of concept is expected to accelerate global edge-enabled extended reality application development and will be showcased in alignment with the GSMA Foundry Telco Edge Cloud (TEC) Pre-commercial Trials initiative.

This Telco Edge Cloud (TEC) trial is governed by GSMA Foundry. GSMA Foundry TEC Pre-commercial Trials project aims to bring the industry together to collaborate around a number of pre-commercial trials of Telco Edge Cloud capabilities, with app developers and service providers, sponsored by the industry partners and supported by MNOs.