Network 2020: The 4G Broadcasting Opportunity

Friday 10 Jan 2020 | 5G | Archives | Resources |

Network 2020: The 4G Broadcasting Opportunity image

The deployment of LTE and widespread adoption of smartphones have opened up new opportunities in mobile communications for operators to consider. In addition to the traditional business model of providing mobile broadband data access and communication services on the move, Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) can extend the portfolio of services offered by leveraging the enhanced broadcasting capabilities of LTE networks. 3GPP (3rd Generation Partnership Project) has already standardised eMBMS (evolved Multicast Broadcast Multimedia Service) also referred to as LTE-Broadcast (LTE B).

Broadcasting has been conventionally confined to real-time delivery of media content (e.g., mobile TV), however, streaming of video is not the only use case eMBMS can fulfil. This paper will illustrate, for example, the use of eMBMS for non-delay-sensitive applications, such as content pre-positioning and software updates, broadcasting of content relevant only in specific locations and other use cases that together form a compelling business opportunity.

This document will also provide a technical overview of eMBMS for operators considering to deploy the technology including network APIs and the status of readiness of devices.