Powered by SA: 5G MEC-Based Cloud Game Innovation Practice

Tuesday 17 Mar 2020 | 5G | Resources |

Powered by SA: 5G MEC-Based Cloud Game Innovation Practice image

This document describes how cloud games are distributed from Public Cloud to the local MEC (Multi-Access Edge Computing) in China Mobile’s 5G network.

MEC is both a resource computing platform and a mobile network capability platform. By integrating the mobile access network with Internet services, it not only improves user experience and saves bandwidth resources, but also supports the deployment of computing capabilities in the network edge to integrate a third party’s applications, enabling service innovation at the mobile edge.

Explore the key capabilities of China Mobile’s network connection of the MEC platform, the computing power, and network capability and its exposure and learn about the progress made by testing cloud gaming with high network requirements which could facilitate more industrial applications and better serve enterprise users, thereby stimulating more 5G innovation within vertical industries.

Read the full use case to learn more.