RCS Discovery Whitepaper

Friday 14 Feb 2020 | RCS | RCS Documents | Resources |

RCS Discovery Whitepaper image

Organisations pay significant money for services which help people find them. Such ‘discovery’ takes many forms, including digital marketing, to appear in search results, social media feeds and websites, offline advertising which includes the organisation’s contact details, and placing apps in app stores. Discovery may then lead to an interaction, which can, in turn, deliver a product or service, useful information or customer service, or lead to a purchase and order fulfilment support.

For the RCS Business Messaging (RBM) channel to be successful in Person to Application (P2A), users need to understand how they can establish a chat dialogue with a business or organisation.  Questions to be addressed include “What is the organisation’s address for RBM chat?” “How do users find it?” “What if a user has a generic intent in mind and not a specific organisation?”.  This whitepaper outlines various discovery methods which can lead to RBM interactions, and potential monetisation models arising from enabling discovery.

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