Global Cybersecurity Forum

This 2 day forum was held in Riyadh and was organised by the National Cybersecurity Authority. Over 3,500 participants and more than 140 speakers took part including policymakers and executives from global tech companies. Mats Granryd, the GSMA Director General spoke at the event and was accompanied by Jawad Abbassi, Head of MENA.

The forum concluded its activities with a call for all stakeholders to support a number of goals and recommendations aimed at joining efforts towards a better cyberspace for everyone.  One of the event’s main aims was to shape the conversation on cybersecurity and create the foundations for greater cyber-resilience, capacity and management of the threat landscape.

The forum highlighted and enabled discussions on investment and economic opportunities created within the cybersecurity industry.
It also served to create an action-oriented roadmap that sets the stage for cybersecurity in the 21st century.