We Care

In 2016 the mobile industry became one of the first sectors in the world to commit to the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Since then around 400 million new people have started using mobile and more than 860 million have started accessing mobile internet services.

Through the GSMA’s We Care initiative, operators around the world are taking steps to ensure their customers can enjoy the transformative benefits of mobile technology in a safe and reliable environment. These in-country projects support the mobile industry’s commitment to the SDGs, allowing operators to drive impact at a local level.

Driven by operators, together with the GSMA, We Care initiatives address ten key areas: digital inclusion; children and mobile; environmental care; disaster response; SMS spam control; mobile privacy; mobile and health; infrastructure deployment; contribution to public safety; and handset theft.

The first We Care initiative was launched in February 2014. To date, there are 30 We Care projects running in 21 markets worldwide, in collaboration with 70 mobile operators.

Key Announcements