Four years of the Mobile Money Regulatory Index: Insights, opportunities and challenges


Tuesday 20 Dec 2022 |

Launched in 2018 by the GSMA, the Mobile Money Regulatory Index has proven to be useful in stimulating debate on the reforms that may be undertaken in more restrictive mobile money markets and, ultimately, help support the efforts of ...

Catalysing Partnerships in Plastics


Thursday 30 Jun 2022 |

Explore the potential for collaboration between mobile network operators and plastics organisations The mismanagement of plastic waste is a global challenge that must be urgently addressed if we are to achieve the ...

The Mobile Disability Gap Report 2021


Friday 3 Dec 2021 |

Mobile devices and services offer life-changing benefits to persons with disabilities, enabling more independent living. However, GSMA research shows that despite this potential, many persons with disabilities remain unconnected and ...

The Climate Crisis: Mobile-enabled solutions in humanitarian emergencies


Wednesday 10 Nov 2021 |

Digital and mobile-enabled services have a key role to play in addressing the climate crisis. Not only can they help vulnerable communities prepare for and become more resilient to climate risks, but they can also support humanitarian ...

Mobile Money Policy and Regulatory Handbook


Thursday 21 Oct 2021 |

Establishing an enabling regulatory framework can unlock the full potential of mobile money services helping to drive financial inclusion, reduce economic inequalities and improve employment and economic growth. Close public-private ...

The Mobile Gender Gap Report 2021


Friday 18 Jun 2021 |

This flagship report highlights how the mobile gender gap continues to improve in South Asia, but less so in other regions. It explores the key barriers preventing women’s equal access to mobile internet as well as the rise of women’s ...

State of the Industry Report on Mobile Money


Wednesday 24 Mar 2021 |

This annual flagship report provides supply-side data and insights from the mobile money industry. The GSMA’s Mobile Money programme works to accelerate the development of the mobile money ecosystem for the underserved.

Mobile for Humanitarian Innovation: Annual Report


Thursday 18 Feb 2021 |

This report documents the progress of the M4H programme and partners in 2020, highlighting the key trends impacting the humanitarian sector in this unprecedented year, and summarising the activities and outcomes of research, the M4H ...

Are the effects of mobile money regulation gender neutral?


Monday 15 Feb 2021 |

This policy note discusses the main findings of new GSMA research on the relationship between mobile money regulation and usage. The analysis combines data from the Mobile Money Regulatory Index and the Global Findex Database 2017 and ...

The Mobile Disability Gap Report 2020


Tuesday 1 Dec 2020 |

More than five billion people globally are mobile subscribers. As we move towards a more digital society, it is critical that digital technologies are inclusive of everyone, including persons with disabilities. However, research ...

Role of wireless backhaul in enabling 5G in MENA


Monday 5 Oct 2020 |

The increasing migration to mobile broadband services in MENA is driving a rapid acceleration of mobile data traffic, with 4G now accounting for a third of total mobile connections in the region. Meanwhile, the transition to 5G is ...

Region in Focus – MENA


Wednesday 5 Aug 2020 |

Middle East and North Africa Region in Focus

Why is there a need for the GSMA Mobile Money API Specification? A comparison with other industry standards


Thursday 30 Jul 2020 |

There are a variety of approaches that mobile money providers could potentially use to deliver open APIs to their ecosystem partners, such as creating their own bespoke APIs or utilising an existing API standard aimed at Digital ...

Tracking the journey towards mobile money interoperability: Emerging evidence from six markets: Tanzania, Pakistan, Madagascar, Ghana, Jordan and Uganda


Friday 12 Jun 2020 |

While the growth of mobile money interoperability indicates that the service is becoming increasingly relevant in both national and international payment ecosystems, the journey has been complex. There are different approaches to ...

Partnering During Crisis: Executive summary and Zain Cash Iraq case study, in Arabic


Wednesday 20 May 2020 |

Partnering During Crisis: The Shared Value of Partnerships between Mobile Network Operators and Humanitarian Organisations – executive summary and Zain Cash Iraq case study, in Arabic.

Partnering During Crisis: Executive summary and Zain Cash Iraq case study, in Arabic / الشراكة أثناء األزمات: ملخصتنفيذي و زين كاش ,العراق دراسة الحالة


Wednesday 20 May 2020 |

Partnering During Crisis: Executive summary and Zain Cash Iraq case study, in Arabic / الشراكة أثناء األزمات: ملخصتنفيذي و زين كاش ,العراق دراسة الحالة

Partnering During Crisis: The Shared Value of Partnerships between Mobile Network Operators and Humanitarian Organisations


Tuesday 28 Apr 2020 |

The ubiquity and scale of mobile networks has made mobile an attractive delivery channel for many types of humanitarian assistance, and recent evidence shows that humanitarian stakeholders and the private sector are recognising the ...

Mobile money recommendations to central banks in response to COVID-19


Monday 27 Apr 2020 |

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought about unprecedented challenges for the global economy. It has affected global health systems, affected peoples’ livelihoods and will leave long-lasting economic effects. Many countries have adopted ...

The GSMA Instant Payment Notification (IPN) Hub: Impact and insights from inception to industry transition


Monday 20 Apr 2020 |

The IPN Hub has processed notifications for over 4.7 million unique payment transactions and there are indications that it has played a role in impacting approximately 230,000 households with improved access to energy services. In this ...

Ecosystem Accelerator Compass: Insights on Start-ups and Mobile in Emerging Markets, Issue 7


Friday 17 Apr 2020 |

We’d like to present the newest issue in our updated quarterly publication — the Ecosystem Accelerator Compass. This publication helps our stakeholders navigate the world of start-ups and mobile technology in emerging markets. The ...