GSMA speaks at the 1ST Inter-Regional Smart Agriculture Forum (ISAF)

Ammar Hamadien, Head of Strategic Engagement MENA, Government and Regulatory Affairs spoke during the 1st Inter-Regional Smart Agriculture Forum held on the 24-26 September in Khartoum, Republic of Sudan.

The ISAF initiative is a platform gathering all potential stakeholders within the Arab and African regions and the rest of the world for an open and constructive debate. The expected outputs: designing a global vision about the achievement of the Sustainable Agriculture Development through IoT and New Technology trends and identifying the success key factors while defining positive interactions between key stakeholders.

The forum was aimed at initiating an Inter-Regional dialogue about IoT and new technology trends by gathering high-level personalities from the Arab, African regions and Internationally in order to emphasize the role of the ICT, mostly IoT technologies in agricultural development within the Arab and African regions and increase the awareness of Arab and African governments about the need of developing a strong capacity building plans among other objectives.