Iraq Telecom Law – Workshop

This 3-day workshop took place in Amman, Jordan and was focused on the Iraqi Telecom law draft that is supposed to replace the decree set by Bremer in 2004 governing Iraq’s telecom market following the invasion of Iraq in 2003.

The workshop was led by the GSMA team and was attended by:

  • Iraqi MPs
  • Advisors to the Iraqi Prime Minister
  • Commissioners from the Iraqi regulator (CMC)
  • Senior staff from the Iraqi Ministry
  • Representatives from the MNOs and the ISPs
  • World Bank
  • Arthur Du Little
  • Oman’s Telecommunication Regulatory Authority
  • Tunisia Telecommunication Regulatory Authority
  • Jordan’s Telecommunication Regulatory Authority

The GSMA underlined industry positions and held discussions on making the law adopt best practices and moved to actually drafting suggested amendments to the law.

This is the 3rd GSMA-led workshop on the Iraqi Telecom Draft in 4 years. The first one was in Beirut in early 2017, second in Dubai in late 2018 and now Amman in early 2020.


Green paper on Iraq Draft Telecommunications Laws – 2018