Policies for Building the Digital Economy

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Over the past year, the GSMA has been working with governments and regulatory authorities to promote a fundamental review of regulation and identify policies that are both fit for the digital age and enhance economic growth and social inclusion.

The GSMA’s 2017 report, Embracing the Digital Revolution: Policies for Building the Digital Economy, examines the impact of digital technologies globally, provides a broad overview of what enables a digital society to take root, and calls on government to use progressive policies to drive their countries, societies and economies ahead.

A message to policymakers
from Sunil Bharti Mittal,
Chairman, GSMA

The GSMA is actively working with governments and regulators around the world to identify policies and actions to deliver the digital future. Please click on the map below to highlight our work in markets including Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, The Democratic Republic of the Congo, The European Union, India, Nigeria and Pakistan.