GSMA A2P Future Messaging Lab #9 – Atlanta

Start: Wednesday 31 January 2018 8:30 pm

End: Wednesday 31 January 2018 4:00 am

The Future Networks Programme will be hosting the ninth GSMA A2P Future Messaging Lab in Atlanta, Georgia hosted by CLX Communications on Wednesday 31 January 2018 at 09:30 – 17:00.

The objective of the Lab is to convene the leading stakeholders in the A2P messaging industry; to discuss best practice in A2P messaging; to gather requirements and guidance on operational and commercial requirements, and enable RCS to become an industry-leading A2P messaging platform.

This is an invite-only event. Registration for this event is now full. For our next A2P Lab in Barcelona, please click here.


The agenda for the Atlanta A2P Future Messaging Lab is as follows:

Agenda Title Speaker Time
Arrival and Networking 09:30-10:00
1 Welcome Jill Cooper, GSMA
Bruce Bales, CLX Communications
2 Introductions All 10:05-10:15
3 RCS – Global Market Update Faisal Zia, GSMA 10:15-10:45
4 Demo #1: RCS UP2.0 – CLX API showing new capabilities Jonas Lindeborg, CLX Communications 10:45-11:00
Break 11:00-11:20
5 Operator Perspective Panel Session Moderator: Bruce Bales
Panelists: US Operators
Lunch 12:15-13:00
6 Commercial Models Faisal Zia, GSMA 13:00-13:30
7 Demo #2: Omnichannel Conversational Messaging  Brian Stafford, NativeMsg 13:30-13:45
8 Keeping the Inbox King Robert Gerstmann- CLX Communications 13:45-14:15
9 Open Discussion Session: What do we ass an industry need to do to make sure the inbox reigns supreme for A2P? Moderator: Faisal Zia, GSMA 14:15-14:45
10 Use Case Spotlight & Demo #3: AI and NLU – Connecting MaaP Platforms to Popular Voice Assistants and Bot Frameworks Michel Gannage, Ecrio 14:45-15:00
Break 15:00-15:30
 11 The Importance of Identity in RCS Faisal Zia, GSMA 15:30-16:00
 12 Use Case Spotlight & Demo #4: A2P and eCommerce Ron Nessim, SummitTech 16:00-16:15
13 How brands are using messaging today and how rich content and 2-way dialogue will strengthen customer interactions Bruce Bales, CLX Communications + Guests 16:15-16:45
14 Wrap-Up and Next Steps Faisal Zia, GSMA 16:45-17:00
Meeting Close 17:00
Social Hour 17:00-18:00
Delegate Dinner 19:00-22:00