API Exchange

Please note: GSMA’s Federated Discovery Service has ended – for more information please contact the team at identity@gsma.com. 


The API Exchange enables operators to federate between their individual APIs to deliver cross-operator reach.

API Exchange: Global API Federation capability


The API Exchange: Reach and Flexibility

The API Exchange serves to bridge the gap between application providers’ needs and operators’ capabilities through cross-operator cooperation: It will provide the required cross-operator capability while preserving the flexibility of individual operators to directly address its developer base, innovate on APIs in a fast and market-oriented manner, and differentiate in the market place.

A consistent, simple and cross-operator offer of network APIs to developers will strengthen mobile operators’ overall portfolio, preserve their foothold as relevant players in the internet economy, and allow them to harvest the opportunities provided by recent developments in the App Economy. To achieve this, it is vital that operators:

  • Join forces, where necessary, to mitigate their natural disadvantage compared to network-independent third parties: the provision of global reach
  • Differentiate, where possible, to preserve competition, speed and innovation power in the API space

Operator implementation of the API Exchange

The API Exchange will be used as the recommended federation mechanism for Mobile Connect. It ensures that Service Providers only need to connect to one operator of a federation to get access to customers of all connected operators.