Calling All Developers

Mobile Connect is a new service that enables people to identify and authenticate themselves using their mobile phone. No usernames or passwords are required. It’s easier and more secure than alternative solutions and is now available from mobile network operators worldwide. Individual operators provide Mobile Connect to their mobile network users and developers access the users via a globally interoperable solution.

The Mobile Connect Developer Portal provides the technical understanding and tools that developers need to incorporate Mobile Connect into their applications. Uniquely it helps create a “cross operator” service through providing

  • Technical education/ resources such as SDKs (Software Development Kits)
  • Technical interworking testing
  • Technical on-boarding
  • Commercial on-boarding

Key topics include, Discovery API reference, Mobile Connect API reference, Level of Assurance, The PCR, Sandbox and “Test Apps”.

Developers can now choose to contract with all available operators via the developer portal by accepting one standard set of T&Cs. This reduced commercial complexity for developers, service providers and operators, leaves all parties free to focus on technical integration and launching the service.


Watch – Find out ‘How to get started with Mobile Connect’