News Flash: Singapore Mobilises Government Transactions

The Singapore government has launched the SingPass Mobile app to make it easier for citizens to conduct government transactions, such as applying for HDB (Housing and Development Board) flats and checking CPF (Central Provident Fund) balances.

Supporting two factor authentication, SingPass Mobile enables citizens to login to government services using their fingerprint, facial recognition (for selected smartphones) or a six-digit passcode. As a result, they no longer need to enter their passwords or use a physical token. Users based overseas will also be able to use SingPass Mobile to transact digitally with the Singapore government.

The government agency running the service, GovTech, says it receives 150,000 requests each month from SingPass users to reset their passwords. SingPass Mobile also comes with enhanced security features to protect the user’s personal data, adds GovTech. For example, when the app detects a potential security breach or the presence of malicious software on the mobile device, it disables itself.

For more details, see the report in the Business Times