Global Interest Group

The Identity Global Interest Group (GIG) has been established by the GSMA to unite its members that are committed to exploring the opportunity for them in the value chain of personal data and digital identity solutions. The GSMA Identity team and Global Interest Group members will meet regularly and work together to accelerate the uptake of digital identity solutions globally through sharing of knowledge and experiences.

Role of the Global Interest Group

  • Define and jointly work towards achieving GSMA Identity Global Interest Group goals
  • Help the course of the Identity programme, determining GSMA activities
  • Collate industry experience and best practice on digital identity solutions
  • Design pilots and scale-ups to be delivered by individual operators
  • Provide opportunity for GSMA members and associate members to collaborate on delivering digital identity solutions to market

Benefits to Global Interest Group Members

  • Access to global best practice on technology, regulation, distribution of digital identity solutions
  • Access to digital identity and personal data experts, and networking with like-minded professionals
  • Opportunity to showcase mobile as the leading solution for digital identity

How to join

GSMA members interested in joining the Global Interest Group need to be committed to exploring personal data and digital identity solutions, to accelerate business opportunities and social needs. They also need to be willing share experiences and insights with the Global Interest Group.

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Upcoming events

Please have a look at our events calendar for upcoming interest group meetings.